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Beginner's guide to buying $VITA

1. Get a crypto wallet
Metamask is the most popular wallet for Ethereum and Gnosis Chain. This is what you use to vote on VitaDAO research proposals. Be sure to install the extension for your web browser.
Download MetaMask
2. Buy Ether ($ETH)

In order to buy $VITA you will need to execute transactions on the Ethereum or Gnosis network. Every transaction requires a network fee paid in Ether. We can recommend a tool like or Coinbase to buy $ETH directly with your credit card.

Buy $ETH on ramp.network

With the Ether you purchased, you can now finally buy $VITA tokens to fund and vote on longevity research proposals. We can recommend Uniswap exchange for beginners or the other options below.

Go to Uniswap to buy $VITA

Where to buy $VITA?

The easiest and most well known exchange. Might sometimes be more expensive than going through Matcha or Cowswap, which aggregates the liquidity from all exchanges, incl. Uniswap.
Buy $ETH on Uniswap

Aggregates all liquidity sources incl. Uniswap and other exchanges, to compare the price and give you the best one.

Go to Matcha to buy $ETH
Cowswap (recommended)

Aggregates all liquidity sources incl. Uniswap and other exchanges, to compare the price and give you the best one. Additionally saves you from bots.

Buy $VITA on Cowswap

Balancer is a leading decentralized exchange that is offering rewards on two different $VITA liquidity pools, one requiring 80% $VITA <> 20% $ETH and the other 50%-50%.

Provide liquidity:
- 50% VITA - 50% ETH Pool
- 80% VITA - 20% ETH Pool

Buy $ETH on Balancer

You can trade $VITA and provide $VITA as one-sided liquidity (without having to add $ETH or $USDC or something).

Provide liquidity:
- 100% VITA (one sided) Pool

Buy $ETH on Bancor
Coinbase Wallet

VitaDAO can only be purchased with another cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges. To buy VitaDAO, you’ll need to first purchase Ethereum (ETH) and then use ETH to buy VitaDAO. And to do that, you need what’s called a self-custody wallet. Here’s how to do that using Coinbase Wallet for U.S. residents.

Buy $ETH on Coinbase


The VITA token is a central component of the VitaDAO ecosystem. VITA tokens grant rights to participate in decision-making within the DAO.

This includes taking part in decisions involving:

Which projects receive VitaDAO funds
VitaDAO governance
VitaDAO treasury management

As such, VITA grants no ownership of IP. Instead, it grants full governance rights.

Genesis of the
VITA token

This is a capped ERC20 token, i.e., no new tokens can be generated beyond that number. Our core collective mission at VitaDAO being to extend the human lifespan, we propose this token supply cap may only increase if someone lives beyond Jeanne Louise Calment’s lifespan. Jeanne Louise Calment was the longest-lived person in history.

$VITA’s design follows the sustainability loop principle, that is, as R&D projects receive funds and begin producing data, VitaDAO’s IP value grows with positive research results.

Successful commercialisation entail growth of the VitaDAO ecosystem and a greater availability of funds. This in turn attracts higher quality IP, thus enabling the funding of even more projects and further growth of the VitaDAO ecosystem.

VITA tokens are governance tokens (Ethereum, ERC20) that grant rights to participate in governance on:
a) What IP is funded
b) How it is funded
c) How it is governed
d) How the VitaDAO treasury is governed

Token distribution

Overall, 30% of total supply went to the community during the initial genesis, and 70% remained unminted and available in VitaDAO’s treasury to ensure the longevity of the organisation. Members may choose to issue further tokens at any time to the public or select strategic entities and funders. You can learn more about our initial token distribution in the [VDP-3] VitaDAO Tokenomics Proposal that was approved in June 2021.

VitaDAO Governance

There are two forms of governance at VitaDAO.


Soft governance
without on-chain voting


On-chain governance
with on-chain voting

Governance at VitaDAO is based on a 3-step voting process.

Phase 1: Idea

Anyone is invited to propose an idea on Discourse or in a Discord channel using the poll bot. If an idea receives positive support from five or more people, it moves to phase 2.

Phase 2: Proposal

Next, the idea is shaped into a proposal using this template.If the proposal asks for up to 2.500 USD, approval by two working group representatives is necessary. If the proposal asks for up to 10.000 USD, approval by a majority vote from all working group stewards is necessary. If the proposal asks for up to 50.000 USD, approval by a majority vote in a public Discourse poll is necessary.If the proposal asks for more than 50.000 USD, approval by a majority vote in a public Discourse poll is necessary and a phase 3 vote must follow. All proposals that revolve around the rules or the rules to change the rules (the constitutional process) or membership and enforcement of norms (punitive measures) always require a phase 3 on-chain vote, regardless of their budgetary threshold.

Phase 3: On-chain vote

Successful phase 2 proposals that require an onchain vote are uploaded to Snapshot where all VITA token holders can vote for free (gasless) during a 7-day period.

Learn more about governance by reading these proposals

VDP-10 [Assessment]: Brain Tissue Replacement Therapy w/ Jean Hebert-10 [Assessment]: Brain Tissue Replacement Therapy w/ Jean Hebert DOp
Voting is Live
VDP-81 [Assessment]: Amplio Pharma
Voting Passed
VDP-75 The Longevist: A collection of the top longevity research