VitaDAO Explained

VitaDAO is a new cooperative vehicle for community-governed and decentralized drug development. Our core mission is the acceleration of R&D in the longevity space and the extension of human life and healthspan. To achieve this, VitaDAO utilizes a combination of novel governance (DAOs), digital assets (NFTs) and financial market frameworks (AMMs).

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The Challenge

Value creation in biopharma centers heavily around intellectual property assets and patents as core drivers for funding and innovation. Yet intellectual property ownership as a business model has barely evolved in the past century.

Current biopharma business models carry severe limitations and R&D inefficiencies that cost those, who should be the core stakeholders: patients and researchers.

The Solution

We believe the future of biopharma is transparent, collaborative, and open source.

VitaDAO is an open cooperative that anyone can join, with the goal to acquire, support and finance new therapeutics and research data in the longevity space. The VitaDAO collective will directly hold legal IP rights to these projects and may develop a growing portfolio of assets represented as NFTs.

The VitaDAO Ecosystem

Members of the public can join VitaDAO and become owners of its IP by purchasing VITA tokens through contributing funds, work, or valuable research data or IP assets. Ownership and governance of VitaDAO requires VITA tokens. VITA tokens enable their holder to engage in decision-making and governance of VitaDAO’s research, signal support for specific initiatives, and govern its data repositories and IP portfolio.


VitaDAO will acquire and commission research, as well as own, develop and monetize the resulting intellectual property assets. VitaDAOs portfolio consists of:

1. NFTs representing intellectual property, patents and licenses to therapeutic research projects.

2. Data assets generated by funding R&D around its research projects and NFTs.

Vetted longevity research projects will request funds from VitaDAO, and members will vote to grant or raise those funds in exchange for ownership in the resulting IP.

DAO Economics

To fund more research and to provide long term funding for the DAO operations, there are several options to monetize owned data and IP. VitaDAO can enter co-development deals with private companies or other DAOs. in single or multi-license agreements, VitaDAO could license data and IP to 3rd parties, or could sell to the highest suitable bidder. Ocean Data Market, as a partner, offers the means to securely sell or license data and IP

Ocean Data-Market

One route of IP monetization will be the Ocean Market, a decentralized exchange (DEX) for data, where VitaDAO can securely publish selected parts of the research data/findings. This data has automatic price discovery and is published as an interoperable ERC20 datatoken. Ocean’s “Compute-to-Data” even allows private data to be bought & sold while preserving control and privacy of the data.

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