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VitaDAO Governance Lead


20 hours per week

20 hours a week

VitaDAO is a new type of organization that funds early stage aging research projects and helps spin out new longevity biotech startups.*

Our mission is to extend human lifespan by researching, financing, and commercializing longevity therapeutics in an open and democratic manner.

Members can join this community by purchasing VITA tokens or earning them through their contributions.

As a DAO Governance Lead, you will play a vital role in overseeing and managing the decentralized governance of our organization. You will be responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the DAO's governance processes, aligning the interests of all stakeholders, and continuously improving the decision-making structures. Your ultimate goal is to create a transparent, fair, and efficient governance system that supports the long-term growth and success of our organization.

Your Responsibilities

  • Governance Oversight: Oversee the DAO's governance processes, ensuring they are transparent, inclusive, and effective. Monitor ongoing proposals and voting activities to identify potential issues and recommend improvements.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with the DAO's various stakeholders, including token holders, core team members, and external collaborators, to foster active participation in governance decisions and build consensus around strategic priorities.
  • Governance Structure: Regularly assess and refine the governance structures, processes, and tools to ensure they remain effective and adapt to the organization's evolving needs.
  • Policy Development: Collaborate with internal and external experts to develop clear, comprehensive policies and guidelines that support the DAO's objectives and promote fair decision-making.
  • Conflict Resolution: Address conflicts and disputes arising within the DAO community by facilitating open, constructive dialogue and mediating between conflicting parties to reach a consensus.
  • Education & Onboarding: Develop and implement educational resources and onboarding materials to help new community members understand the DAO's governance processes and contribute effectively.
  • Compliance & Risk Management: Monitor the DAO's compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry best practices, and proactively identify and mitigate potential risks related to governance.
  • Reporting & Analysis: Prepare regular reports and analysis on governance activities, metrics, and trends, and present findings to the DAO community and relevant stakeholders.
  • Collaboration & Cross-Functional Support: Work closely with other teams within the organization to ensure alignment between governance processes and the DAO's overall strategy and objectives.
  • Continuous Improvement: Actively research and stay informed about best practices and innovations in decentralized governance, and implement new strategies and approaches to maintain the DAO's competitiveness and relevance in the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem.


  • Enjoy very competitive compensation both in cash and crypto tokens
  • Remote & flexible hours
  • Tokenized participatory incentives
  • Accelerate your career by working at a fast-growing virtual org
  • Make a significant impact to shape the DAOs strategy