Help us share VitaDAO’s vision for longevity around the globe

VitaDAO, a leading decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the longevity field, seeks passionate individuals with expertise in one or several of the following: Web3, DeSci, Biotech Investment, Venture Building, Biohacking, and Academia to join our Ambassador Program and help us share our vision for the future of longevity science with the world.

As a VitaDAO ambassador, you'll not only become a trusted representative of our cause, but you'll also have the opportunity to network with and connect key players in these diverse fields, fostering meaningful collaborations, and expanding our reach to a global audience. Join us in shaping a world where longevity is not just a dream but a tangible reality.

About the Program

VitaDAO ambassadors are the cornerstone of our community engagement efforts. They act as our extended arms, bridging the gap between our mission and the broader longevity movement.

Organize in-person DeSci event

Ignite discussions and inspire action, bringing together experts, and enthusiasts across the various disciplines of aging science.

Promote VitaDAO programs and initiatives

Amplify our impact by leveraging your network and expertise within these specialized communities.
Represent VitaDAO in your local community, making a tangible difference by fostering collaboration and awareness of our mission to revolutionize longevity research

Benefits of Joining:

With VitaDAO, you'll not only contribute to a groundbreaking cause but also gain valuable personal and professional benefits:

Financial support for your event planning and execution

Receive funding to organize engaging events that bring together experts and enthusiasts in the longevity field

Recognition within the vibrant longevity community

Gain visibility and establish yourself as a respected figure within the longevity movement through your contributions to the VitaDAO Ambassador Program

The satisfaction of making a positive impact on the fight against aging

Experience the profound gratification of actively contributing to efforts that could revolutionize our understanding and treatment of aging

How the application process works

Fill out our application, attend a short interview, and begin your journey as a VitaDAO ambassador

Apply online

Fill out our intuitive application form to express your interest, passion, and expertise in the fields of Web3, DeSci, Biotech Investment, Venture Building, Biohacking, and Academia.

Interview to Assess Fit

Attend a short interview with our Ambassador Program team to align your vision and expertise with our goals and ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

Apprenticeship and Progression

As an Apprentice Ambassador, gain hands-on experience organizing events and promoting VitaDAO initiatives under the guidance of our experienced team.

Dedicated Support

Receive ongoing mentorship and support from our team to ensure your success as a VitaDAO ambassador and navigate the intricacies of longevity science and the DAO ecosystem.

Earn Recognition

Enjoy recognition within the longevity community and the satisfaction of making a difference in the fight against aging.

Ready to Join the Longevity Revolution?

Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting impact on the future of longevity.
Join our dynamic community of passionate individuals and help us revolutionize the way we approach aging and live healthier lives.

Apply today and embark on a journey where your passion and expertise can make a real difference.

Together, we can transform the world's perception of aging and pave the way for a healthier, longer life for all.