The VitaDAO Ambassador Program

Help us share VitaDAO’s vision for longevity around the globe

Contribute to VitaDAO and play a crucial role in promoting our vision for the advancement of longevity science. We are recruiting ambassadors who are local super connectors in the communities of Web3, DeSci, Biotech Investment, Venture Building, Biohacking, and Academia. Get involved in VitaDAO’s strategic development, and help us tackle aging with the power of a global community by applying below.

The VitaDAO Ambassador program was approved in Seasonal Governance Community Proposal 'SG 0.1a - Ambassador Program' - click here to see the proposal and voting results.

Represent the DAO

Become an integral part of our mission to revolutionize longevity research. VitaDAO ambassadors are our trusted touchpoint for anything VitaDAO related in your local community.

Advance your career

Join an international network of community builders in the longevity field, and receive support for event planning, community engagement, or establishing connections in web3 and longevity.

Get rewarded for your work

Our ambassadors receive financial support for the in-person events they organize, and we incentivize event organizers with bounties on a sliding scale depending on how many people attend.

How VitaDAO’s ambassadors help us achieve our mission

Expand VitaDAO’s Reach

By plugging into the networks of our ambassadors, we aim to expand our footprint across the globe to raise awareness and grow support for longevity science research, and the DeSci movement.

Strengthen Community Engagement

Foster direct and local engagement with communities of longevity enthusiasts around the world by organizing in-person DeSci events in your local territory.

Promote VitaDAO Initiatives

VitaDAO ambassadors are responsible for promoting programs like IP-NFT FAM, the supporter program, The Longevist, and The Longevity Prize, driving participation and engagement.

Promote Longevity Research

Our ultimate goal is to support early stage longevity research. Ambassadors raise awareness about the importance of this research - attracting academics, funders and longevity enthusiasts to our cause.

Attract Talent

We are on the lookout for passionate individuals who can contribute to our mission, specifically people with experience in biotech company building. Ambassadors help us attract diverse contributors from every corner of the globe.

How the application process works

Ambassadors are asked to apply online, attend a short interview, and organise three successful in-person events before you are given the official title of VitaDAO ambassador.

If you have further questions on the process, feel free to email us, or check out the Ambassador Portal on Notion for additional resources.

Submit your application

Start by filling out our online application form to help us understand your background, interest, and why you wish to become a part of our mission.

Schedule a call

If your application aligns with our requirements, we will arrange a 15-minute call with our Ambassador Program team lead.

Become an apprentice

If you are approved after the call, you are considered an Apprentice Ambassador and can submit events for approvals. Being an Apprentice will give you the opportunity to personally figure out if this is something you’d be interested in.

Brainstorm event Ideas

The first step to organising events is brainstorming potential local events together. We will help you determine the event type, relevant community, key talking points, and tentative logistics for your event.

Submit your event for pre-approval

Once you've formulated your event plan, submit it to our team for pre-approval. This step ensures that the event aligns with our mission and goals and allows us to provide necessary guidance and support.

Organise the event

Upon receiving event approval, you're all set to organise your event. The Ambassador program provides you with press kits, presentation materials, handouts, promotional templates, email templates, and other things you may need to execute the event successfully.

Submit a report

After the event, you'll write a report detailing its execution, outcomes, and any expenditure. This report will be used to process any eligible reimbursements within our budget allocation.

Ready to help us tackle aging with the power of a global community?

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