The VitaDAO Scientific Advisory Board

The VitaDAO Scientific Advisory Board directs the organization's research in longevity science, emphasizing impactful outcomes. These experts foster collaboration with industry and central institutions, guiding the evaluation and advancement of VitaDAO's projects. With a focus on equal opportunities and representation, they crucially shape the dealflow working group and builder squad, driving efficiency and innovation.

Our top scientific contributors and advisors
​Michael Baran
PhD, Business Development - Pfizer Ventures
Alexandra Bause
PhD, Co-Founder and Venture Partner at Apollo Health Ventures
Diane Seimetz
PhD, Entrepreneur, Board Member. Leading drug development and regulatory expert
Jack Scannell
PhD, CEO at Etheros Pharmaceuticals. Drug R&D, economic, and regulatory expert
Kelsey Moody
PhD, MBA, CEO at Ichor Life Sciences, Inc.
Parthiban Rajasekaran
PhD, Innovation Lead at Sanofi
Simone Fantaccini
PhD, MBA, Head of Medical Affairs, CSO at Novartis