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Humanity is a quantified-self app that connects wearables and activity apps to monitor digital biomarkers. The app generates a proprietary aging score, helping users understand activities that slow down or reverse their aging rate. The company uses behavior modification tools and develops biomarkers to guide users toward better healthspan interventions.

$ 50,000
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Matrix Bio

VitaDAO and the Gorbunova Lab are launching Matrix Bio, a cutting-edge research venture leveraging the anti-cancer and pro-longevity effects of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid from naked mole rat to human.

$ 300,000
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BE Therapeutics - Brain Tissue Replacement

The neocortex, the part that underlies our highest cognitive functions and self-identity, can be replaced by progressively replacing tissue areas over time without significant disruption in function or self-identity. This offers the possibility of age reversal for the neocortex through progressive tissue replacement.

$ 100,000
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ExcepGen Inc - RNA therapeutics for longevity

ExcepGen uses its RNAx platform to develop advanced vaccines that address viral infections linked to premature aging and shortened lifespan. The platform improves RNA cargo's effectiveness, promoting significant protein production for enhanced protection.

$ 100,000
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Support of Clinical Trial - The Effect of Regular Exercise & Intermittent Rapamycin Dosing


This clinical trial aims to investigate whether periods of time where the mechanistic target of Rapamycin (mTOR) pathway is activated via exercise, combined with alternate periods of time where mTOR is inhibited using Sirolimus (Rapamycin), will result in greater muscle performance in older adults compared with just exercise alone.

$ 50,000
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