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ExcepGen Inc - RNA therapeutics for longevity

ExcepGen Inc - RNA therapeutics for longevity

ExcepGen uses its RNAx platform to develop advanced vaccines that address viral infections linked to premature aging and shortened lifespan. The platform improves RNA cargo's effectiveness, promoting significant protein production for enhanced protection.
$ 100,000
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Thomas Folliard
Barbara Mertins
Katherine Barcay

Seed stage start-up

Vaccines and RNA therapeutics


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Severe viral infections can induce immune dysfunction and chronic inflammation, mimicking the symptoms of aging and often persisting even after the pathogen has been cleared. The NIH's National Institute on Aging emphasizes the serious threat that viruses, like influenza and COVID-19, pose to elderly adults. To combat these health risks, ExcepGen's RNAx platform focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of RNA cargo, thereby promoting the production of protective proteins within the body. Their primary project is the development of a universal pan-flu vaccine, utilizing the strengths of self-amplifying RNA (saRNA), while mitigating its inflammatory side effects, a breakthrough with significant potential in enhancing longevity.

Aims, Hypothesis & Results

ExcepGen's primary objective is to exploit the potential of its RNAx platform to develop an advanced generation of vaccines. The central aim is to construct a universal pan-flu vaccine that harnesses the advantages of self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) while minimizing the associated inflammatory drawbacks.

ExcepGen hypothesizes that by using RNAx to modulate signals within cells, it can enhance the effectiveness of RNA cargo. This process is expected to result in increased protein production and subsequently greater protection against severe viral infections, offering hope for aging populations.

Preliminary studies have shown promising results. Experiments using saRNAx produced a 400% boost in cargo expression in vivo in mice, compared to standard saRNA. In innate-immune-competent human BJ cells, saRNAx resulted in up to, 2600% improvement in cargo expression. Furthermore, saRNAx majorly reduced and, in some cases, completely prevented harmful inflammatory cytokine release, supporting the hypothesis of the project. Based on these encouraging results, ExcepGen is proceeding with the development of a universal pan-flu vaccine, among other pipeline products.


Currently, ExcepGen Inc is actively engaged in pre-clinical studies aimed at demonstrating the proof of concept (PoC) for a combination of universal influenza vaccine (Vx) and self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) in an animal model.

Pre-Clinical Studies
Required Funding: $100,000
Duration: Ongoing

VitaDAO Board Evaluation Writeup

ExcepGen's project received positive feedback and was praised for its advanced state, ample data, strong partnerships, and significant funding. The reviewers recommended funding, acknowledging the platform's potential for various therapeutic and prophylactic applications. They recognized the strong connection between flu vaccines and VitaDAO's mission, given the impact of flu on elderly populations. ExcepGen's technology's applicability to mRNA vaccines and potential for partnerships were noted, as was the strength of the team and investors.

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Funding committed as a result of a strategic partnership between pharma and DeSci

The vote has passed, the decision is made: ExceptGen will be the first company sourced by VitaDAO’s strategic partner Pfizer Ventures to be funded by DeSci. This historic moment needs to be celebrated properly!

Project Initiated!

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