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VitaDAO primarily funds translational R&D. We are particularly interested in ‘moonshots’ – potential revolutionary contributions to science. On occasion, we will also fund more ‘basic’ research and other projects in the interests of the LongBio community.

If you’re not sure whether your project is a good fit for VitaDAO funding, you can read our project submission FAQ below, or connect with the VitaDAO Discord community for guidance.

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How the funding process works

Project Submissions FAQ


Who can apply?
I’m a biotech startup, can I apply?
I am not familiar with crypto/web3. Can I still apply?
Which projects does VitaDAO fund?
What kind of research does VitaDAO fund?
What counts as translational research?
Do I need to have a patent already?
I don’t have a clear IP plan, can I still apply?
Do I need to live in any particular country?

Funding Terms

Who owns the IP from funded projects?
Do you offer funding in exchange for equity?
What are the deal terms?
How much funding is possible?
Will the funding be in crypto or traditional fiat currency (USD, EUR etc)?
I need more funding than VitaDAO provides, can there be multiple funders?
I work at a university. Do I need to talk to my TTO (tech transfer office)?
What can the funding be used for?

Application Process

How long does the application process take?
How does the VitaDAO application process work?
When are the application deadlines?

Decentralized Technology Transfer (DTT)

What is the DTT funding model?
Is the DTT model right for me?
How can I find a CRO?
Do I get equity for my project?

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VitaDAO is primarily interested in commercializable academic projects. When filling out this application please ensure to clearly articulate the commercialization plan. Applications that do not have a path to sell whatever you are making may be deprioritized.