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Initiated by Vitalik Buterin, Zuzalu is a pioneering experiment in social innovation and community-driven progress. With VitaDAO's backing, Zuzalu is exploring the multiple facets of longevity science; from biotech innovation to rethinking traditional frameworks that govern medical research. Zuzalu’s first pop-up city was co-organised by VitaDAO and attended by some of the world’s most accomplished builders, futurists, and social visionaries.
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Conceptualized by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, this groundbreaking initiative is championed by a diverse set of global collaborators. Positioned at the intersection of open technology, health, and social innovation, Zuzalu’s overarching mission is to reimagine the future and ultimately, advance humanity.

Longevity at Zuzalu

One of Zuzalu’s primary interests in the vast and exciting landscape of longevity biotech is the reimagining and building of regulatory environments that encourage and accelerate innovation. 

With VitaDAO’s support, Zuzalu aims to catalyze progress by providing a community of longevity enthusiasts, researchers, and policymakers with an environment that cultivates collaboration.

Events As Instruments For Progress 

The power of community is integral to Zuzalu’s mission. By facilitating events in the form of transient co-living spaces, Zuzalu provides like-minded individuals with a unique, real-world platform that promotes discourse and the cross-pollination of ideas. 

Zuzalu’s inaugural event – a pop-up city in Montenegro – took place over two months (25 March to 25 May 2023). The temporary population of over 200 community members included a sizeable contingent of renowned thought leaders and innovators in crypto, AI, governance, decentralized science, and more.

In our capacity as co-organiser and representative authority on longevity, VitaDAO hosted a two-day longevity biotech conference that saw leading experts share insights and cutting-edge research in longevity science and rejuvenation technology. Topics spanned a broad range of disciplines, including Cellular Reprogramming, Cell Replacement, Immune System Rejuvenation, and DNA Damage. 

Our vision for the future

With VitaDAO's strategic involvement, Zuzalu aspires to: 

• Foster a deep understanding of how biotechnology can potentially control and reverse aging.
• Craft a conducive regulatory environment that paves the way for innovative longevity therapeutics.
• Create a VitaDAO Longevity Network State that pushes the boundaries of traditional research frameworks.

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