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25 March - 25 May 2023

At its core, Zuzalu is a public good community, a pop-up city, a playground for cross-pollination experiments, a debating ground for exciting topics, a testing space for Ethereum-based technology, and a hub for futuristic-sounding disciplines such as longevity, synthetic biology, network states, and more.

VitaDAO supports every aspect of longevity at Zuzalu, but we are placing special emphasis on hosting events on biotech innovation, and furthering the the investigation into jurisdictions for longevity, with the intention to evolve VitaDAO into a Longevity Network State, building a special jurisdiction for medical innovation with a better regulatory framework to advance longevity science in an exponential fashion.

The inaugural Zuzalu pop-up city happened in Montenegro between the 25 March and 25 May 2023.

Watch: Laurence Ion on Longevity Cities

Watch the live stream here!

Event Schedule

March 27 - 31

Longevity Introductory Sessions

April 9-11

New jurisdictions for longevity and medical innovation

May 7 - 10

Longevity Zero to One

May 12 - 14

Longevity Biotech Conference


Todd White
VitaDAO Operations Steward
Sacha Haidar
Partner - Global Ventures
Dr. Bjoern Schumacher
Director, Institute for Genome Stability in Aging and Disease
Vitalik Buterin
Zuzalu initiator & Founder Ethereum
Vincent Weisser
Zuzalu Core Organizer. Product & Software. On Deck Longevity Fellow. Prev: co-founder.
Janine Leger
Zuzalu Core Organizer & Gitcoin Grants Lead
Joe Betts-LaCroix
CEO of Retro Biosciences
Aubrey de Grey
President and CSO of LEV Foundation
Nathan S. Cheng
Co-founder of LongBio Fellowship (LBF), General Partner at Healthspan Capital.
Brian Kennedy
Director at Centre for Healthy Longevity
Tyler Golato
Co-founder of Molecule, biochemist and molecular biologist focused on experimental therapeutics and ageing.
Stephanie Dainow
Executive Director
Laurence Ion
Steward of Dealflow at VitaDAO
Amit Sharma
Group Lead, SENS Research Foundation
Adam Gries
Managing Member Authentic
Alexandra Bause
Apollo Health Ventures
Jean Hebert
Neurogeneticist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Emil Kendziorra
Founder & CEO at Tomorrow Biostasis / Chairman Of The Board at EBF
Ohad Gafni
Co-Founder & CSO of Renewal Bio
Kristen Fortney
CEO and co-founder at BioAge
Morten Scheibye-Knudsen
Laboratory founder and leading longevity scientist.
Sergio Ruiz
Co-founder of Turn Biotechnologies
Danielle Ruiz
CEO and Medical Director Everest Health Partners, LLC
Nikolina Lauc
Co-Founder & CEO GlycanAge
Eleanor Sheekey
Longevity YouTuber and PhD student researching cellular senescence at Cambridge, UK
Alexandra Stolzing
Professor for Biogerontological Engineering Loughborough University
Sebastian A. Brunemeier
CEO of ImmuneAGE Bio. General Partner at Healthspan Capital.
Laura Minquini
Founder & core lead AthenaDAO
Marc P. Bernegger
Founding Partner Maximon
Justin Rebo
VP of In-Vivo Biology at BIOAGE LABS.
Dr. Elisabeth Roider
Partner & Chief Scientific and Medical Officer
Josef Christensen
Chief Business Development Officer at StemMedical & Co-founder/Interim-CEO at Meat Tomorrow
Maria Marinova, PhD
Apollo venture creation fellow, AthenaDAO core science, VitaDAO contributor
Julija Jurić
Research Manager at Genos and Product development Specialist at GlycanAge UK
Yuri Degin
Co-founder and director of YouthBio Therapeutics
Lynae Brayboy
Charité Universitätsmedizin and OVŌM Care GmbH
Oliver Colville
Apeiron Investment Group
Keith Comito
President of longevity advocacy organization LEAF /, Co-founder, Inventor, and Disney R&D technology lead
Cat-Thu Nguyen-Huu
Product, Software, Operations Swiss Army knife.
Ben Anderson
Aion Bio
Iosif Gerstheyn
CEO ImmuVia & Medical University of South Carolina

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