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GERO - Physics and AI Technology Platform for Age-Related Diseases

GERO - Physics and AI Technology Platform for Age-Related Diseases

Drug discovery
GERO uses physics and AI to develop a proprietary technology platform to understand the aging process and create a pipeline of drug candidates and therapies targeting multiple age-related chronic diseases. Their ultimate aim is to dramatically slow down aging.
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Peter Fedichev
Co-founder & CEO
Max Kholin
Co-founder & COO
Alex Kadet
Chief Business Officer

Early-stage discovery research

Drug discovery


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Multiple patent applications pending



Human aging, a complex phenomenon, has intrigued scientists for generations. GERO, at the forefront of this research, offers a fresh lens to understand and combat aging. Through innovative methods, they've identified two distinct aging phenotypes: Frailty (Late-life phenotype) and True Aging (Whole-life phenotype). Their unique platform unravels the intricacies of aging, presenting a simplified and actionable blueprint for interventions, thereby addressing numerous age-associated conditions in tandem.

Aims, Hypothesis & Results

GERO's primary objective is to radically decelerate human aging. Rooted in the physics of complex systems and real-world human data, they hypothesize that aging is an irreversible, entropy-driven process, but its speed can be modulated. Their focus is on pinpointing druggable sources of this entropic damage to develop effective therapeutics. Through their unique approach, GERO has identified genetic pathways to target multiple diseases simultaneously. Preliminary tests, like their work on immuno-senolytic assets, have demonstrated marked improvements in lifespan and a decrease in senescence markers in older mice.


GERO seek to validate their platform through in vivo experiments with Pfizer and aim for extended collaboration.
Additionally, they are currently negotiating with another top-5 pharma company to secure an additional deal.
Later on, GERO are looking to achieve in vivo proof that the True Aging phenotype can be both measured and altered through intervention.
Finally, they want to raise over $30M in their upcoming financing round to advance pipeline assets targeting significant deceleration of human aging.

Financing Round
Required Funding: $30M+

VitaDAO Board Evaluation Write-up

GERO, leveraging collaborations like the one with Pfizer, harnesses AI for innovative drug discovery, offering streamlined processes and the potential for diverse therapeutic applications. Positioned to be a leader in the global longevity market, GERO's adaptable platform and strategic partnerships promise a bright future in the rapidly advancing and increasingly competitive intersection of AI and biopharmaceuticals.

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GERO has closed a 6M round!
Project Initiated!

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