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HDAX Therapeutics - Histone Deacetylase Targeting Drug Discovery

HDAX Therapeutics - Histone Deacetylase Targeting Drug Discovery

HDAX is a preclinical-stage drug discovery company targeting a class of proteins implicated in neuropathies and inflammation with novel small molecules.
$ 50,000
72.57% Voted Yes
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Dr Nabanita Nawar
CEO & co-founder
Pimyupa Manaswiyoungkul
COO & cofounder
Patrick Gunning
Scientific Advisor & cofounder
Olasunkanmi Olaoye
VP Drug Discovery & cofounder
Elvin de Araujo
CINO & cofounder
Roman Fleck
Executive chairman

Early-stage preclinical discovery

Drug discovery


Patent Status
The chemical composition of their lead compound is patented



HDAX Therapeutics is a small molecule preclinical stage drug discovery company developing a targeted therapeutics platform for safe and efficacious treatment of Histone Deacetylase (HDAC)-driven pathologies such as neuropathies and cancers with high unmet medical needs. 

Aims, Hypothesis & Results

HDAX Therapeutics has developed a unique method of targeting HDAC6, a protein implicated in various diseases. Their research has shown promising results in increasing the lifespan of animal models. They have also successfully addressed common challenges in drug development, such as weak binding, off-target toxicities, and poor pharmacokinetic profiles. Their lead HDAC6 inhibitor has shown the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, which sets it apart from similar drugs. This could allow for effective treatment of diseases affecting the central nervous system.


HDAX Therapeutics will first focus on clinical candidate selection, a crucial step in drug development, involves refining promising molecules from earlier stages, evaluating their efficacy, ensuring their safety, and determining their pharmacokinetic properties. To assess the overall potential, the molecules' tolerability and efficacy will then be evaluated in indication-specific animal models.

Clinical Candidate Selection
Required Funding: $250,000
Duration: 12 Months

VitaDAO Board Evaluation Write-up

HDAX Therapeutics has a strong team of professionals, including experienced scientists and a renowned professor in the field. The proposal highlights potential risks, such as the early validation stage and the industry's competitive landscape. However, the team has a history of collaboration and successful academic projects, resulting in several publications and patents. The company has secured non-dilutive funding and won various pitch competitions, showcasing its potential.

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