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Humanity - Proprietary Aging Score App

Humanity - Proprietary Aging Score App

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Humanity is a quantified-self app that connects wearables and activity apps to monitor digital biomarkers. The app generates a proprietary aging score, helping users understand activities that slow down or reverse their aging rate. The company uses behavior modification tools and develops biomarkers to guide users toward better healthspan interventions.
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Peter Ward
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The development of drug-based therapies for aging-related diseases is costly and time-consuming, with no significant breakthroughs so far. However, behavioral modifications like diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management have shown remarkable impact on human healthspan. Humanity aims to focus on behavioral interventions that slow down aging, offering the potential of adding more healthy years compared to individual disease-focused drugs.

Aims, Hypothesis & Results

The aim of Humanity is to develop a quantified-self app that utilizes digital biomarkers, behavior modification tools, and biomarkers to guide users towards better healthspan interventions, focusing on behavioral modifications that slow down aging.

The hypothesis is that by providing users with a comprehensive understanding of their aging rate through the generated proprietary score, combined with insights on activities that can slow down or reverse aging, users will be motivated to adopt behavioral modifications and improve their healthspan.

The initial traction of Humanity reflects positive user perception and utility of the app. The app has shown a 10% conversion rate to premium users, indicating a willingness to invest in the app's features. Furthermore, the app has achieved a 65% 12-week retention rate among premium users, surpassing industry standards.

The success of Humanity's behavioral modification tools is evidenced by an 18% sustained increase in movement among a clinically obese cohort who signed up for the app. This increase in movement lasted throughout the 80-day observational study, indicating the effectiveness of the app's interventions.


Humanity is currently raising $1M in a standard SAFE, of which $950k has been committed and VitaDAO contributes the last $50,000 to close this round. The team anticipates starting to raise a ~5M Seed Round later in 2023.

SAFE Fundraising
Required Funding: $50,000
Duration: Ongoing

VitaDAO Board Evaluation Writeup

Humanity has an excellent team and has achieved significant user growth and positive ratings. The potential of digital biomarkers in predicting chronic diseases and extending healthspan is promising. However, competition and the need to demonstrate effectiveness in complex interventions are risks. Overall, the proposal received a strong average conviction score, emphasizing the team's strength and openness to experimentation with $VITA.

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