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Longevity Quadratic Funding

Longevity Quadratic Funding

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Committed to magnifying public good project impact, VitaDAO, among other donors, pledges substantial matching funds for curated longevity projects, leveraging crypto communities for groundbreaking research.
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The challenge of adequately funding public goods, such as longevity research, among other scientific disciplines, has long been a point of contention in the scientific community. Historically, the tragedy of the commons hindered consistent investment. Recognizing the potential of the emerging crypto community and the innovative quadratic funding model, VitaDAO has embarked on a strategic partnership with Gitcoin, a pioneer in this unique funding mechanism.

Apart from VitaDAO, multiple thought leaders in the space have also donated to support the Gitcoin longevity grants. One of them is Vitalik Buterin, who shares his thoughts on the past round:

Aims, Hypothesis & Results

VitaDAO's primary objective in this collaboration is to elevate longevity research beyond conventional funding paradigms. By intertwining crypto's transformative financial power with quadratic funding, they aim to amplify the effect of individual donations, ensuring a broader benefit for the community. As of now, the VitaDAO Longevity Working Group has meticulously curated potential projects, focusing on underrepresented initiatives poised for growth. With two proposed rounds of funding and symbolic pledges, VitaDAO and Gitcoin are poised to redefine the longevity research funding landscape.

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The Longevity Prize


The Longevity Prize is a series of prizes to award and accelerate progress in longevity and rejuvenation research. It was initiated by VitaDAO and funded through donations through our gitcoin quadratic donation round and partnered with Foresight Institute, Methuselah Foundation and Lifespan.

$ 24,000
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The VitaDAO Longevity Fellowship


The VitaDAO Longevity Fellowship is aimed at distributing need-based micro grants to help students and early career stage individuals with interest in longevity get more deeply involved in longevity. This is aimed at activities ranging from short term research to attending a conference, or joining a program such as the Longevity Biotech Fellowship.

$ 20,000
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Humanity - Proprietary Aging Score App


Humanity is a quantified-self app that connects wearables and activity apps to monitor digital biomarkers. The app generates a proprietary aging score, helping users understand activities that slow down or reverse their aging rate. The company uses behavior modification tools and develops biomarkers to guide users toward better healthspan interventions.

$ 50,000
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Matrix Bio - Long-lived Species Inspired Longevity Biotech


VitaDAO and the Gorbunova Lab are launching Matrix Bio, a cutting-edge research venture leveraging the anti-cancer and pro-longevity effects of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid from naked mole rats to humans.

$ 300,000
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