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Longevity Hackers Film Participation

Longevity Hackers Film Participation

A groundbreaking documentary examining the latest research and scientific breakthroughs in the field of longevity and healthy life extension. Featuring wide-ranging interviews from the researchers leading the charge to longevity critics, the film aims to educate and raise awareness, whilst providing a balanced analysis of this exciting and pioneering space.
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Michal Siewierski
Ruben Figueres
Steve Aoki
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Longevity Hackers follows Emmy Nominated Filmmaker Michal Siewierski on a journey to discover the latest research and science breakthroughs in the field of longevity and healthy life extension. Featuring the top experts, scientists, researchers, startup CEO’s as well as celebrities and critics in the longevity space. Many of the interviewed experts believe that we are on the brink of being able to dramatically increase human healthspan and lifespan within the next 20 to 30 years, and others more extreme believe humans might someday become immortal. This fascinating field entices human curiosity and creates hope for a longer and healthier life in the not-so-distant future. The film gives the viewer an unbiased view, with balanced perspectives and opinions on the topic.

Aims, Hypothesis & Results

Our mission is to help promote the fields of longevity and healthy life extension in this film, and help generate additional exposure for the industry with the aim of helping it achieve its funding goals in order to speed up research on anti-aging drugs, treatments and procedures.

Another goal is to empower and educate the viewers about the latest advances in the fields of longevity, health span and radical life extension as well as lifestyle and dietary interventions that could potentially increase the chances of people living long enough to take advantage of the upcoming exciting life extension therapies of the near future


The Longevity Hackers film has secured funding from various sources, including, enabling the initiation of filming over the past six months. This accelerated pace is expected to expedite the film's release and, consequently, the potential returns for investors, which are anticipated to commence in the early 2024.

Production and Worldwide Broadcast
Required Funding: $2,000,000
Duration: 22 months

VitaDAO Board Evaluation Writeup

VitaDAO, through its Community and Awareness working group, has been responsible for not only building our community of token holders and advocates, but also for taking a leading role in producing communication and educational content to establish the importance of credible science in the field of healthspan and longevity research. However, the impact of this awareness is limited to those who already have an interest in the longevity field or web3 space. This project continues to support that community growth and educational theme, but with the goal of both extending its visibility to a wider community, and investing in and receiving financial returns from the production of a feature length, independent film.

Michal Siewierski is a world renowned documentary filmmaker and TV producer, having received multiple Emmy Award nominations and won several Telly Awards and Hermes Awards. Ruben Figueres is an entrepreneur, media expert, best-selling author and accomplished Ironman athlete.

Documentaries have the power to change the public discourse dramatically - an investment in a high-quality production looking at the field in an unbiased way will lend credibility not only to the longevity field but also support VitaDAO’s mission, especially where we have made great efforts to ensure that our educational communications are scientifically sound.

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