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Oisín Biotechnologies - Pioneering Genetic Medicines for Sarcopenia

Oisín Biotechnologies - Pioneering Genetic Medicines for Sarcopenia

Age-related diseases
Oisín Biotechnologies is a multi-asset longevity biotech company pioneering genetic medicines to combat sarcopenia and other age-related diseases to promote healthier, longer lives.
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Matthew Scholz
CEO & Co-founder
Dr. John Lewis
Chief Science Officer
Stephen Hilbert
Chief Business Officer
Eric Garcia
Chief Operating Officer

Early-stage preclinical discovery

Genetic medicines


Patent Status
Broad exclusive rights to the Fusogenix PLV patent portfolio and hold several patents related to their specific cargos and therapeutic applications.



As the global population ages, the need to maintain muscle mass and strength becomes increasingly critical, not just for mobility but for overall health and quality of life. Current solutions, mainly diet and exercise, are often insufficient, especially for those recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. This gap presents a significant challenge, as physical frailty can lead to diminished activity levels, social interaction, and life satisfaction. Oisín's innovative approach aims to directly increase skeletal muscle mass and strength, offering a potential solution to combat these age-related challenges effectively.

Oisín Biotechnologies is a pioneering company in the field of genetic medicines, focusing on combating age-related diseases. Their approach involves developing therapies that can build muscle, reduce fat cells, and eliminate senescent cells, which are all key factors in aging and age-related conditions. Oisín's technology leverages the Fusogenix Proteo-Lipid Vehicle (PLV) platform from Entos, allowing them to deliver specific genes to cells in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Aims and Progress to Date

The primary aim of Oisín Biotechnologies is to address the challenges of aging, particularly physical frailty and age-related diseases. Their lead candidate is designed to increase skeletal muscle mass and strength without exercise, potentially benefiting older populations and those recovering from illnesses or surgeries. Additionally, they aim to selectively target and kill problematic adipocytes and senescent cells. Their approach is not just limited to treatment but extends to potential prevention of a range of age-related conditions, thereby improving healthspan and possibly lifespan.

Oisín has achieved significant milestones in its research and development. They have demonstrated the ability to enhance physical strength in mice, clear senescent cells (improving lifespan and healthspan), and ablate adipocytes in human tissue explants. Their PLV platform has successfully passed through Phase II human trials as a COVID-19 vaccine, indicating its safety and efficacy. Furthermore, they have secured licensing agreements with pharmaceutical companies and are actively pursuing further partnerships and funding opportunities, including from VitaDAO members.


Oisín Pharmaceuticals is positioned to make substantial progress in the treatment of age-related conditions, particularly sarcopenia, with their follistatin treatment. Currently, in preclinical trials, Oisín plans to initiate GLP toxicology studies in late 2024, file an IND application in 2025, and launch phase 1 clinical trials in 2026. With a focus on regulatory approval, Oisín is poised to bring their innovative therapies to market within the next five years.

SAFE Funding
Required Funding: $5M
Duration: Ongoing

VitaDAO Board Evaluation Writeup

Oisín Biotechnologies presents a strong position in the biotech industry with its innovative Fusogenix Proteo-Lipid Vehicle (PLV) Platform, offering precise delivery of genetic material to cells and showing promising early results in muscle growth and cellular rejuvenation. The company's broad therapeutic pipeline and successful preliminary studies, including a 50% increase in muscle size and a 100% increase in strength in treated mice, underscore its potential. Moreover, Oisín's traction in the market, evidenced by licensing deals with major pharmaceutical companies and a strong intellectual property portfolio, positions it well in a market with rising healthcare costs related to age-related conditions like sarcopenia. However, Oisín faces challenges, including the scale-up of follistatin and myostatin-targeted therapies, navigating complex regulatory landscapes, standing out in a competitive field, and mitigating potential side effects in later-stage trials. These factors represent crucial considerations for the company's future in delivering innovative treatments for age-related diseases.

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