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Announcing VitaDAO — The first publicly owned decentralized IP collective

April 3, 2021

Hello world!
Hello VitaDAO

We’re a decentralized cooperative that lives in the meta-verse.

We have a single purpose:
Accelerate and democratize research into longevity therapeutics.

As humans, longevity is our final frontier
Our mortality is what separates us from the machines that we create. Biotechnology has entered a phase of exponential progress that few of us grasp — redefining what it means to be human. Web3 is at a similar point, accelerating at a superhuman pace and promising the greatest breakthroughs in open collaboration humanity has witnessed.

Photo by Massimo Virgilio

Beyond curing diseases, researchers across the globe are redefining aging and developing therapeutics that may enable you to read this very article in a hundred years from now and chuckle.

This research progress is happening right now. And there is a race to centralize it in the hands of the few. History likes to repeat itself unless we act.

VitaDAO is your chance to act

We are a new cooperative vehicle for community-governed and decentralized drug development.

Our core mission is the acceleration of R&D in the longevity space and the extension of human life- and health-span. Today, the biopharma industry is booming with unprecedented late-stage investment inflows, particularly in the longevity space. However, critical early-stage funding is severely lacking and incentives between patients, researchers and industry are misaligned.

Think of yourself as a Schelling point in this great coordination game we call life
VitaDAOs goal is to attract the best and earliest longevity research, acquire it, and democratize it. In that sense, VitaDAO is like a self-governing ETF composed of hundreds of early-stage longevity projects. Many will fail, but the few that succeed may change your future forever.

To align incentives and vitalize early-stage funding in longevity biopharma, VitaDAO utilizes a combination of novel governance frameworks and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and financial engineering tools such as algorithmic automated market makers (AMMs) that run on the Ethereum blockchain.

VitaDAO Token Economy Overview

At its core, biopharma value creation is composed of intellectual property (IP) rights and research data

Research and development has become prohibitively expensive and siloed, partially due to how IP business models incentivize monopolization of innovation through creation of thickets of patents in protected portfolios. These IP frameworks prevent the open sharing of research data, inherently disincentivizing collaboration and transparency. They prevent the public and patients from having any real ownership in biopharma IP, even though their tax dollars fund much of the early-stage development. Outside of grants to fund basic research, early-stage funding for drug development is extremely limited. When drugs do finally make it to market, there are strong incentives for price gouging.

VitaDAO solves some of these problems, and in the long run perhaps all of them by creating entirely new open IP business models. Your vision is audacious and bold. But if you won’t, who will?

As an open cooperative that anyone can join and support, VitaDAO’s goal is to acquire, support, and finance new therapeutics and research data in the longevity space, and will directly hold IP rights in novel early-stage therapeutics while looking to grow a portfolio of both IP and data assets. These can be made available and monetized in novel data marketplaces such as Ocean Marketplace, promoting both open science and new open data business models.

Ownership and governance of VitaDAO is relegated through VITA tokens

VITA can be obtained by contributing work, or funds, or other resources such as data and IP to VitaDAO. Ownership of VITA allows the holder to participate in the democratic governance of VitaDAO, directing its research, accessing and monetizing its data repositories, and managing its IP portfolio.

Right now, we are a child. Learning to crawl, speaking our first words. Over time, we will walk, read and write, then we will run. Remember your first thoughts, that first summer as a child, and make those thoughts your own. You are VitaDAO. And life will happen slowly, then all at once.

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