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Introducing the VitaDAO Members Portal

November 3, 2023

VitaDAO is partnering with leading companies to offer substantial discounts on their products and services, exclusively for our members.

Our members are enthusiastic advocates of a range of longevity and health optimization interventions in their daily lives. Depending on age and health status, individuals may have different goals when exploring longevity protocols. This can range from improving athletic performance to enhancing metabolic health to preventing osteoporosis and more. We want to give them the opportunity to access health products and services at a discounted price. Some examples include discounts on wearables, at-home health test kits, supplements, biohacking tools, and more.

In addition to health products and services, we also offer discounts on common expenses such as hotel stays, short- to long-term rentals, coworking spaces, academic publications, and more.

We’re launching our portal with discounts on

  • GlycanAge — Discover your biological age, make lifestyle improvements, and track your success with GlycanAge tests.
  • Sonder — Premium, stylish, and fully serviced accommodations in over 40 vibrant cities worldwide.
  • Bon Charge — From blue light blocking glasses to sauna blankets to PEMF mats to red light therapy devices, Bon Charge offers everything you need to protect and optimize your health in this digital age.

More products and services will be added over the following weeks and months. For example, discounts on health programs with access to specialists, including medical doctors. Future services also include discounted access to exclusive events and curated meetings with leaders in the longevity space.

The 3 we’re launching with


Get 31% off GlycanAge tests to determine your biological age

Extend your health span today. Discover your biological age, make lifestyle improvements, track your success.

GlycanAge is a biological age test paired with expert advice to help guide your wellness. It determines your biological age by measuring chronic inflammation in your system — which is directly related to your lifestyle. As a member, you now have discounted access to a groundbreaking approach that empowers you to take charge of your health and longevity.

GlycanAge leverages cutting-edge technology, providing valuable insights into your biological age. With this information, you can make informed decisions about your lifestyle, nutrition, and wellness strategies to promote a healthier, more vibrant life.

GlycanAge is based on more than 25 years of scientific research and over 200,000 tests. Their scientists regularly publish in world renowned Medical Journals.

Collect your sample. Collect and return your dry blood sample using an at-home test kit.

Receive your results. It takes about three weeks for the lab to analyse your sample and generate your report.

Talk to experts. A consultation is included with each test. Specialists will help you review your results and suggest lifestyle changes to help you improve your health.

GlycanAge has pricing and plans affordable for anyone! Choose the plan that suits your needs!

Bon Charge

Get 15% off science-backed wellness products to optimize your sleep, wellbeing and recovery

Premium. Science-Backed. Effective. From blue light blocking glasses to sauna blankets to PEMF mats to red light therapy devices, Bon Charge offers everything you need to protect and optimize your health in this digital age.

As a VitaDAO member, you get 15% off Bon Charge’s wellness products to safeguard your health while you work and play in the digital world.

From better sleep and relaxation to faster recovery and optimized wellbeing, Bon Charge’s science-backed wellness products are here to elevate your life. Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, our partnership ensures you have access to premium products that support your well-being.

Work and relax with confidence, knowing that you have the best in health protection with Bon Charge.


Book a Sonder in 40+ cities up to 50% less

Looking for an exceptional stay for your next DeSci conference? Look no further. VitaDAO has teamed up with Sonder to make your travel experience a little better.

As part of this exclusive collaboration, our valued members now have the opportunity to book Sonder accommodations in over 40 vibrant cities worldwide at a discount of up to 50%. This partnership aims to elevate your travel experience, offering you premium, stylish, and fully serviced accommodations at unbeatable prices.

Booking a Sonder through our platform couldn’t be easier. With a variety of options, from cozy studios to spacious apartments, you can choose the perfect accommodation that suits your needs.

Browse the selection of Sonder properties in your desired destination. When you’re ready to book, simply use the discount code below for up to 50% off, making your stay both affordable and memorable.

Say hello to an elevated travel experience with Sonder and our exclusive partnership. Start exploring the world with comfort and savings today!

Visit the VitaDAO Members Portal

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