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Stake $VITA in Exchange for Health Products and Services 🤩

March 4, 2024

Dear VitaDAO Community,

Exciting news is on the horizon! We're introducing a revolutionary feature soon for $VITA token holders: the ability to stake $VITA your tokens in exchange for premier health products and services aimed at enhancing your longevity.

Stake $VITA: Unlock Exclusive Longevity Benefits

  • Biological Age Tests: Take control of your aging process by discovering your biological age, and receive personalized insights to help slow it down.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM): Gain real-time insights into your glucose levels, a key factor in metabolic health and longevity.
  • Custom Health Insurance: Featuring Genki, specially crafted for digital nomads and travelers, providing you with peace of mind through global coverage.
  • Exclusive partnerships with leading longevity-focused companies like GlycanAge, BonCharge, Humanity App, Nuchido, Novos, Ledger, and others, delivering cutting-edge products and services directly to you.
  • Plus many more coming soon

Why Participate?

Our community is passionately leading the charge in the exploration of longevity and health optimization. Regardless of your current health goals—be it improving metabolic health, enhancing biological functions, or preventing age-related conditions—our staking program is tailored to support your ambitions. Access essential longevity tools such as at-home health test kits, high-quality supplements, and the latest biohacking devices.

By staking your $VITA tokens, you're not just accessing a suite of products and services; you're joining a movement dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what it means to live a long, healthy life.

VitaDAO is at the forefront of this movement, partnering with industry leaders to ensure our members have exclusive access to the forefront of longevity research and interventions.

Keep an eye out for more details on how to participate and make the most of your $VITA tokens.

Become a $VITA holder: Get $VITA on Uniswap

Visit to stay updated on this transformative journey.


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