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VitaDAO Letter: Introducing The Members Portal

November 20, 2023

🌎 VitaDAO.Global

Just when you thought being a $VITA holder couldn’t get any better, VitaDAO launched VitaDAO.Global. This new membership portal features an overview of one’s $VITA holdings, active and past DAO governance proposals, a comprehensive DAO treasury, and exclusive discounts to DAO members! Huge kudos to the Tech-Product squad for their amazing work!

Since the initiation of VitaDAO, members have voiced the desire to optimize their longevity and health journey. VitaDAO.Global was created with this in mind, to give DAO members access to health products and services at a discounted price. In addition to health optimization, the portal offers discounts on common expenses such as hotel stays, housing rentals, coworking spaces, and academic publications. DAO members, such as Esther Klaps (featured later in the Newsletter), have been hard at work identifying and coordinating these services. Currently, all VitaDAO members with 100+ $VITA in a linked wallet qualify for these exclusive member services.

Current discounts include:

  • 31% off GlycanAge Tests: GlycanAge combines a biological age test with expert advice to optimize wellness. The age tests examine the state of one’s immune system through examination of the types of glycans attached to Immunoglobulin G, the most common antibody in the blood. The type of glycans attached to Immunoglobulin G can able to change the function of the antibody from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory and vice versa. Signs of chronic inflammation are directly related to lifestyle.

The overall process is simple, requiring only a small fingerprick at home. You can expect results in three weeks in the form of a report. After which you will have a consultation to further explain the test results. As a VitaDAO member, you have discounted access to this cutting-edge approach to measuring biological age.

  • Up to 50% off Sonder in 40+ cities: VitaDAO has teamed up with Sonder to offer DAO members premium accommodations at affordable rates. Simply browse the selection of Sonder properties in your desired destination and apply the portal’s discount code to receive up to 50% off your next accommodation!
  • 15% Off Bon Charge: Optimize your sleep, relaxation, and overall well-being! Bon Charge offers a variety of products including infrared sauna blankets, infrared PEMF mats, blue light-blocking glasses, cold therapy devices, and red light therapy devices. As a $VITA hodler, you get 15% off Bon Charge’s products to optimize your health in this digital world.
  • 10% Off Sensate: Stressed by fluctuations in the crypto market? Sensate is a sensory device that uses vibrations and sounds to decrease stress and improve stress. This combination of chest resonance is thought to signal the vagus nerve.

The team is actively working to improve and expand upon the exclusive offers for $VITA holders. Reach out on Twitter with suggestions for products or services that you would like to see partnered with VitaDAO!

🏠The Network State Conference

This month, VitaDAO’s founding member, Laurence Ion, took the main stage at The Network State Conference. In his talk, he discussed the idea of creating a city to increase work speed and fix the crisis of aging.

“You are all infected with a terminal disease. It is called aging…. Join or die.”- Laurence Ion

In this talk, which can be found on YouTube, Laurence introduces the idea of Vitalia, a movement to start a longevity network city. The next step of this movement is happening in January and February of 2024, through a two-month pop-up city in Roatán. VitaDAO members have priority to join and co-create. The ultimate goal is to identify semi-autonomous zones where an in-person community can self-govern, self-experiment, and identify lifesaving treatments.

🧢Buy VitaDAO Merch

As if the Membership Portal wasn’t enough big news this month…🥁🥁🥁(drum roll please)… introducing VitaDAO’s Merch Shop! VitaDAO teamed up with senior designer Patrick Saville to produce a limited edition hoodie. This sustainably produced hoodie commemorates the genesis of VitaDAO. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this VitaDAO collectible- limited units are available!

🗣️VitaDAO in the Wild

- VitaDAO-backed Turn Bio announced the ability to deliver precise in-vivo mRNA delivery to dermal cells!

- VitaDAO-backed Turn Bio also received positive FDA feedback on TRN-001, a cell rejuvenation therapy!

- Last month, VitaDAO became the first DAO to kickstart a biotech company (MatrixBio).

- Balajis gave VitaDAO a shout-out on Twitter, recognizing the global power of VitaDAO’s decentralized network.

📣Community Approved: What YOU voted for!

Thanks to the support of the VitaDAO community, one proposal successfully passed this month! This proposal was VDP-121. In VDP-121, the community voted to mint an additional 10% of the total token supply in new vested VITA for new strategic contributors. VitaDAO’s 2023 Strategic Plan outlines the launch of the VitaDAO Accredited Investor Fund (VDAIF), anticipated in Q4. The fund will be token-gated, increasing the demand for VITA tokens. Currently, purchasing VITA on DEXs is impossible for these entities in high enough volume. With the passing of VDP-121, we are excited to grow the DAO treasury and include these new strategic contributors!

💪Exercise Your Right to Vote

Visit VitaDAO’s governance hub (Discourse) to engage with, vote on, and discuss proposals before they are moved to Snapshot. Together, we can shape the future of VitaDAO and accelerate decentralized science.

👋Meet the Lead of VitaDAO’s Membership Program: Esther Klaps

Esther Klaps is a valuable contributor to the VitaDAO community and the Lead of VitaDAO’s Membership Services. More recently, Esther has been the driving force behind VitaDAO’s Membership Program, identifying opportunities and coordinating strategic partnerships. Esther holds a BSc. in International Business from Maastricht University’s School of Business & Economics and further honed her expertise with an MSc. in Blockchain and Digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia’s Institute for the Future. She brings a wealth of expertise to the table, having excelled in various partner-facing roles, event planning, and business strategy. When not contributing to VitaDAO, Esther enjoys exploring her interest in nutrition and fertility.

How did you first learn about VitaDAO and what drew you to it?

I previously worked at ConsenSys in employer branding and ecosystem growth, and knew I wanted to stay within the Blockchain world. When I came across VitaDAO, this sounded like the perfect combination of my work in Blockchain and my passion for health. I have a background in Orthomolecular Nutrition, focused on reproductive health, which of course is closely related to improved longevity.

How are you currently contributing to VitaDAO?

I’m currently focused on finding interesting companies to collaborate with. We want to offer discounts on excellent longevity and biohacking products and services to our members through the Member Portal. Next to this, I’m also contributing to the Ambassador Program.

You’ve worked in a variety of different fields, and also have a background in Blockchain. You likely have a different perspective than most VitaDAO contributors.

From working in member and partner-faced roles in Blockchain, I do have a good understanding of the needs and wants of a Web3 audience. The way of interacting with that audience is very different than that of the more “traditional” academic world. I feel that’s also one of VitaDAO’s strengths, that our contributors come from both worlds.

What has surprised you the most about VitaDAO? What sets it apart?

There’s a lot of potential in Blockchain technology. However, from what I’ve seen working in Web3, many brilliant ideas are constrained to the crypto ecosystem, unable to truly impact real-world problems. I enjoy contributing to VitaDAO because you can directly see the impact it’s able to make by empowering and funding promising early-stage longevity projects that would otherwise lack access to funding. VitaDAO is able to create that bridge between Web3 and the “real world”.

Any closing thoughts for readers?

If there are any biohacking products or services you’d love to see discounts for on our Member Portal, do let us know in Discord!

🤝Thanks for Reading!

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