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VitaDAO Letter: Tokenization of the Artan Bio IP-NFT

June 24, 2024
Sarah Friday

Happy DeSci Summer, Vitalians! For those new here, VitaDAO is a global community working together to fund groundbreaking longevity research. As a $VITA token holder, you play a crucial role in deciding which innovative projects get funded. This month was bustling with activity, from the successful VITARNA launch to $BIO airdrop. Temperatures have been rising, and VitaDAO brought the HEAT🔥. Let’s dive into the highlights!

🚀A Successful VITARNA Launch 

In July 2023, the VitaDAO community enthusiastically voted to support Artan Bio, a project engineering arginine suppressor tRNA to target nonsense codons. Genetic mutations, even the smallest ones, can lead to serious diseases. Dr. Michael Torres and Dr. Anthony Schwartz are at the forefront of research to suppress harmful protein formations that drive aging. Fast forward to January 2024, the VitaDAO community voted to tokenize the Artan Bio IP-NFT. 

This month, the tokenization of the Artan Bio IP-NFT raised $300,000 to advance this research! The successful crowdsale raised the full amount and gave the VitaDAO community voting power to oversee the IP and participate in crucial R&D decisions. This marks our second tokenized asset – a significant milestone for VitaDAO!

Funding was secured! 

In total 5,000,000 VITARNA IP Tokens have been minted using the Artan Bio IP-NFT, with 20% of the supply sold to VITA token holders via the crowdsale. These tokens are vested for 12 months and can be claimed here

Interested in learning more about the project? Watch Artan Bio team members Dr. Michael Torres and Dr. Anthony Schwartz speak about VitaRNA at DeSci Berlin 2024, explore the VitaRNA website, or read VitaDAO’s latest blog post on Artan Bio

😂VitaRNA Meme Contest 

Showcase your creativity! VitaDAO is hosting a VITARNA Meme Contest for individuals to highlight the innovative funding model of decentralized science as opposed to traditional science. To enter, retweet the contest post and post your meme before the contest ends on June 30th at 23.59 UTC. Prizes include 200 USDC for first place, 150 USDC for second, and 100 USDC for third. May the best meme win!

🪂BIO Airdrop for $VITA Hodlers

The $BIO airdrop is live and available for claiming! BIO is a new financial layer to DeSci, engineered to commercialize the science at a faster speed. The $BIO airdrop was designed to benefit individuals actively involved in DeSci projects. As VitaDAO is a proud member of the BIO network, if you held $Vita before April 1st or were an active contributor, you might be eligible. Claim your tokens here. 

Interested in learning more about the environment of DeSci? Check out this DeSci ecosystem dashboard

🎤Aging Science Podcast Ep 18: The Hidden Story of Rapamycin 

In episode 18 of the VitaDAO Aging Science podcast, host Kamil discusses AMPK, caloric restriction mimetics, multi-stress resistance in aging, and the pros and cons of invertebrate models of aging with Professor Adam Salmon. Professor Adam Salmon, known for his involvement in studies of beta-guanidinopropionic acid, an AMPK activator, has started a study in marmosets to test the lifespan effects of rapamycin. The episode concludes with a discussion of the preliminary findings of this marmoset study. This is an episode you don't want to miss!  

🚨VitaDAO in the Wild 

  • Limitless added the $VITA token to its exchange, marking a new era for DeSci prediction markets. 

📣Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: A Funding Catalyst 

We’re excited to announce that VDP-147 (Catalyst Beta Program: Funding Experiment for Longevity Research Moonshots) passed on Snapshot! This initiative will allocate up to $100k for early-stage longevity research moonshots through Catalyst by Molecule, gaining access to new promising early-stage projects that can potentially be turned into IPTs. By providing access to moonshot projects and Catalyst’s guidance in locating research, this collaboration aligns with VitaDAO’s goal of funding 10 IPTs by 2025!

💪Exercise Your Right to Vote

Ready to make a difference? Head over to VitaDAO’s governance hub (Discourse) to engage with, vote on, and discuss proposals before they are moved to Snapshot. Shape the future of VitaDAO and accelerate decentralized science. 

📆Upcoming Events

  • June 27th at 6PM CET- Join VitaDAO at a DeSci Berlin Meetup. Located at Molecule’s office, get alpha on the latest DeSci projects. 
  • July 7th at 4:30 PM-7:30 PM GMT+2- VitaDAO is hosting networking, a panel discussion, and short presentations as part of DeSci x Brussels @EthCC Week

🤝What’s Going DAOn

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