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VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 4 April 2022

April 7, 2022
Sarah Friday & Hossam Zaki

Hello Vitalians! Another month, another newsletter- and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Many of the core contributors to the DAO were able to meet up in sunny ☀️ Lisbon this month to organize, bond, and brainstorm in person. In this month’s newsletter, learn about the community’s first treasury 💰 report, find a review of proposals and votes that passed in the DAO 🗳, and find out more about what’s going DAOwn inside the DAO!

Community News

2021 Wrapped in VitaDAO

Forget about Spotify Wrapped, the rave is all about VitaDAO’s newly released 2021 Community and Treasury Report (aka the enDAOment report). In this report, find a summary of the workings of VitaDAO’s six working groups (Awareness, Longevity, Governance, Legal, Technical and Product, and Operations) and a comprehensive tokenomics overview. If you’re interested in learning more about what VitaDAO did in 2021, this is something you’ll want to read!

Rapamycin & Healthspan Trial with Dr. Brad Stanfield

In a March community call, Dr. Brad Stanfield chatted with VitaDAO contributors Jason Colasanti, Tim Peterson, and Todd White about the effect of regular exercise and intermittent rapamycin dosing on muscle performance in older adults. Dr. Stanfield has designed a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to test the role of rapamycin in muscle performance💪. If you missed this call, you can find it on VitaDAO’s Youtube channel!

Longevity Hackers Film — VitaDAO Community Call

As if one community call wasn’t enough! In this community call, learn about the Longevity Hacker’s Film🎥. The Longevity Hackers is a feature-length documentary centering on longevity and radical life extension.

Extra! Extra! Read All About Epigenetic Clocks! ⏰

Do biological aging tests work? Author Lindsay Ciocco’s medium article explores different DNA methylation clocks, their applications, and the utility of home biological age testing.

Interested in buying a Glycan Age test? Buy one using $VITA and use VitaDAO’s community discount (code: VITADAO) to save 50%!

Journal Club: Can We Modify Immune Cells to Fix Broken Hearts?

In this journal club, hosts Jane and Estefano dive into the use of immune cells to fix a cardiac injury🫀. In this paper, scientists engineer immune cells to try to treat heart cells undergoing wound healing. Missed the journal club? Listen to it on Twitter Space or Anchor.

Journal Club: Can Young Gut Bacteria Help You Act Younger?

Hosts Ariella and Estefano explore the role of gut microbiota 🦠 in aging. Does transferring poop from a young mouse to an older mouse convey any benefits? It’s not too late to take a peek at the Nature article before listening to a recording of the Journal Club on Twitter Space.

We raised money! (again)

Once again, VitaDAO teamed up with Gitcoin to launch quadratically matched longevity research donations🤑. And once again it was successful! Check out a list of projects funded and funded amounts, here.

A New Partnership

VitaDAO is partnering with Dr. Peter Diamandis! Peter is involved in health initiatives such as XPRIZE, Abundance360, Celularity, Vaxxinity, and HumanLongevity, Inc. This partnership merges Peter’s Abundance360 community with our community as each A360 member will become a $VITA token holder! Here’s to funding longevity research with even more friends!


In case you too haven’t caught on yet, VDP stands for VitaDAO Proposal. In March, there were many active VDPs voted on and passed. Let’s go through them.

VDP-26 Dealflow Structure and Incentives

VDP-26 was voted on to provide clarity on the Longevity Dealflow Working Group operations. Deal flow is involved in sourcing projects, shepherding projects, and sharing information with the DAO. Want to learn more? Take a look at a visual representation of the new deal flow process.

VDP-30 VitaDAO Gitcoin Quadratic Longevity Funding Round 2 + VitaDAO Longevity Fellowship

VDP-30 funded $40,000 USDC to VitaDAO’s Gitcoin quadratic donation round and $15,000 to VitaDAO’s Longevity Fellows. This enables VitaDAO to continue to support smaller Longevity-centric enterprises!

VDP-31 Supporting of Clinical Trial- “Effect of Regular Exercise and Intermittent Rapamycin Dosing”

VDP-31 supports the funding of $50,000 USD for a clinical trial by Dr. Brad Stanfield on exercise and Rapamycin dosing. This study will look to establish if intermittent Rapamycin use can delay frailty and muscle mass loss.

VDP-32 Hyperspectral imaging for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

VDP-32 financially supports Mantis Photonics’ camera technology for early screening of Alzheimer’s Disease. This camera technology uses the imaging of an individual’s eye to look for peptides associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Using the eye to look for neurological changes could provide an inexpensive and minimally invasive window into one’s central nervous system!

VDP-33 Better Together- A PrimeDAO Partnership

With VDP-33, we are embarking on a new partnership with PrimeDAO! This proposal initiates a partnership between PrimeDAO and VitaDAO through a token swap of $D2D and $VITA. The first of many DAO2DAO relationships! We hope this will encourage more DAOs to participate in VitaDAO and while also allowing VitaDAO to take part in other DAOs as well.

VDP-34 Defining VitaCore

VDP-34 proposal elucidates confusion and better defines VitaCore as consisting of four stakeholder groups who are accountable to VITA token holders. These four groups include Working Group Stewards and Co-Stewards, ambassadors of service providers, ambassadors of partner DAOs, and strategic contributors.

VDP-39 Longevity Hackers Film Participation

VDP-39 funds up to 100,000 USD to co-fund Longevity Hackers, a documentary by Filmmaker Michal Siewierski.This documentary will expand VitaDAO’s community reach through the production of an independent film to be released later this year!

VitaDAO in the Wild

CoinMarketCap posted a Youtube video defining and exploring Decentralized Science. Fast forward to 10:15 to see VitaDAO’s highlight!

Our friends at Lifespan posed and answered the question: “Why is VitaDAO a DAO and what does this mean in practice?”.

In an article about longevity research, the Methuselah Foundation gave VitaDAO a shoutout!

We have open roles!

If you’re a resourceful, proactive, well-organized, and dynamic person, curious about the world of longevity, crypto, and open source communities with a hunger for impact — we’re looking for you! Then one of these positions might be right for you! As someone involved with VitaDAO, you will have the chance to interact with members across all of the working groups of the DAO, and most importantly, inject good vibes into the DAO. Check out the links below for more information on specific open positions:

Upcoming Events

April 7th at 9 PM CET- You don’t want to miss VitaDAO’s first-ever Women of Vita Panel on Female Longevity! Head over to VitaDAO’s Twitter and join the Twitter Space to listen in on and contribute to a conversation about female reproductive longevity!

April 13th at 3:30PM CET — Join us for a full day of fun at a VitaDAO Crypto meets Longevity Symposium. The symposium is free of charge and will be live-streamed on Youtube and other social media platforms.

Sign up here:

What’s Going DAOwn

Have questions, concerns, inquiries? Join the Discord channel and introduce yourself! VitaDAO is a friendly community and its Discord functions as the heartbeat of the DAO. Our operations team is great at onboarding and directing newcomers to roles that fit their skills.

Want to know more about VitaDAO’s funded projects? Check out the newly revamped VitaDAO website! Kudus to our Tech Working Group!

If you enjoyed reading this newsletter, make sure to subscribe! If you want some St. Patty’s day 🍀 good luck, share this newsletter with your luckiest friend! Until next month 😊

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