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VitaDAO Newsletter Issue No 7 July 2022

July 7, 2022
Sarah Friday

June was a month of celebration for VitaDAO! This June, VitaDAO celebrated its first birthday, held a ceremony for the transfer of VitaDAO’s third IP-NFT, and completed another Gitcoin Grant Round. In this newsletter, learn about VitaDAO’s involvement in various community conferences and read about the DAO’s active and past voting proposals.

Community News

IP-NFT Transfer Ceremony

VitaDAO hosted an IP-NFT Transfer Ceremony to commemorate VitaDAO’s third longevity research project funded via IP-NFT🎉. This transfer celebrated the funding of the Evandro Fang lab. The Fang lab is working to identify novel mitophagy inducers for healthy brain aging. If you missed the ceremony, you can watch a video of the transfer to the Evandro Fang project. Interested in learning more about the Fang project? Find more information on Snapshot.

Celebrate Good Times

June 18th marked one year since VitaDAO’s Gnosis Token Auction🎊. In just one year, VitaDAO funded over 10 longevity research projects, sourced over 200 projects, grew to over 5000 community members, and garnered over 1000 token holders. Additionally, over the year, VitaDAO launched the Longevity Prize via Gitcoin grants, funded over 40 Vita Fellows with over $45k, and hosted its 1st VitaDAO Crypto meets Longevity Symposium. Here’s to another year of funding longevity research, growing a vibrant community, and continuing to revolutionize scientific funding!🥳

Early Bird Gets The POAP

This month, VitaDAO released a special edition POAP for VitaDAO genesis auction participants. POAPs are digital collectibles that serve to commemorate contributions to web3 events. If you took part in VitaDAO’s genesis auction, you can claim your POAP!

Meet the Vitalians

VitaDAO contributor Victoria Forest has been working to re-ignite the series, “Meet the Vitalians.” This video series is composed of interviews picking the brains of core contributors to the DAO. This month, head to YouTube to meet DAO member, Tim Peterson. In this chat, learn about Tim’s thoughts on longevity, the web3 space, the VitaDAO community, decentralization, and more! If you missed previous “Meet the Vitalians” episodes, catch up on DAO members Todd White, Theo Beutel, and Audie Sheridan.

Longevity Newsletter

VitaDAO released its second Monthly Longevity Research Newsletter! 🔥 Inside this newest edition, Authors Maria Marinova and Rhys Anderson highlight hot longevity literature, longevity clinic trial updates, and interview Charles Brenner. Find June’s Longevity Research Newsletter, here.

Another Successful Gitcoin Round

VitaDAO completed Gitcoin Grant Round 14! 👩‍🚀 VitaDAO supports public goods by organizing Gitcoin rounds where projects have the opportunity to receive quadratically matched funding. In this most recent round, VitaDAO’s Gitcoin round had over 1500 donors and VitaDAO’s Longevity Prize Project reached the max matching pool amount of $25,000. 🚀

Crypto Meets Longevity featuring Qiao Wang

Max Unfried chatted with AllianceDAO core contributor Qiao Wang. You don’t want to miss their conversation discussing potential future roles of crypto in biotech, barriers to decentralized science, and more!

A Conversation with Brian Kennedy

Max Unfried and Eleanor Sheekey hosted Professor Brian Kennedy to discuss the decentralization of healthcare through geroscience. Professor Brian Kennedy is an internationally recognized researcher in the aging field and the Director at the Centre for Healthy Longevity at NUS Medicine 🥼. In this presentation, Professor Brian Kennedy talks about the need for longevity research and provides an overview on the basics of how longevity research is conducted!


VitaDAO passed two proposals on Snapshot in June! You can follow other proposals and add to the conversation before votes are added to Snapshot on the VitaDAO’s Discourse. There are currently multiple proposals being discussed on Discourse, including:

  • VDP-26.1: Dealflow Structure & Incentives
  • VDP-29: Exosomes for Treating Systemic Inflammation
  • VDP-36: Stewardship Process Amendment #1
  • VDP-37: VitaDAO Governance Amendment #2
  • VDP-44: Dispute Resolution Process
  • VDP-47: Immunis Biomedical
  • VDP-48: Ikaria Therapeutics assessment
  • VDP-49: MenoAge — A Glycomics-based Blood Biomarker for Female Aging

VDP-45 Passed!

VDP-45 (Decentralized Tech Transfer) will help to create a decentralized tech transfer network that can connect VitaDAO directly to researchers. Currently, tech transfer offices act as a major bottleneck in advancing research. In offering a more decentralized setup to connect researchers with VitaDAO, VDP-45 has the potential to revolutionize research funding.

VDP-46 Passed!

VDP-46 (Repair Biotechnologies) proposal has successfully passed! Repair Technologies is a preclinical-stage biotech company developing a first-in-class universal cell therapy for atherosclerosis🫀. They aim to solve macrophage dysfunction with novel allogeneic cell therapy, “Cholesterol-Degrading Platform.” To learn more about this proposal, watch a Community Call with Repair Bio or read the full proposal.

VitaDAO in the Wild

This month, VitaDAO contributors represented VitaDAO at conferences across the world:

- VitaDAO Contributors Max Unfried and Jane Chuprin attended a Gordon Research Conference focusing on Systems Aging. At this conference, VitaDAO sponsored the “Best Poster Prizes” from the many posters focused on systemic processes, omics approaches, and biomarkers in aging.

- VitaDAO Steward Theo Beutel held a panel at DAO NYC on Impact DAOs.

- Theo Beutel also spoke at Funding the Commons about a user-centric approach to DeSci and Tokenomics.

- VitaDAO hosted a Longevity x Web3 dinner event and talk at the Collision Conference. This event brought together VitaDAO contributors and individuals interested in longevity from across the world.

What’s Going DAOn

July 28 at 3PM CET- Listen in on a VitaDAO Community Call. Recordings of past community calls can be found on VitaDAO’s Youtube.

July 28th at 10AM CET- Take part in a VitaDAO IP-NFT Fractionalization Workshop.

Aug 29th-Sept 2nd- Join the ARDD 9th Aging Research and Drug Discovery Meeting. VitaDAO is one of the many sponsors of this event, happening in Copenhagen, Denmark.

DAOn’t Forget…

The Operations Working group has been hard at work improving VitaDAO onboarding. This ongoing effort to improve VitaDAO onboarding includes a more streamlined onboarding process. Head over to the VitaDAO Discord, introduce yourself and follow the instructions on the “👋ㆍstart-here” channel.

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