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VitaDAO Life Extension Conference at Vitalia City 2024

VitaDAO Life Extension Conference at Vitalia City 2024

February 23-25
Roatan, Honduras

​Welcome to the 2nd edition of the VitaDAO Life Extension Conference. The first one gathered 200+ Longevity enthusiast in Zuzalu, Montenegro.

​This second installation will be happening in the tropical paradise in Vitalia City, Honduras.

​Come and be a part of our 3-day journey as we delve into the groundbreaking advancements in longevity and rejuvenation biotechnology. This innovative and evolving domain focuses on enhancing human health and extending life by directly addressing the fundamental sources of diseases through aging intervention.

​Throughout this event, you'll experience a series of engaging presentations, discussions, and interactive workshops led by renowned specialists.

Watch the live stream here!

Event Schedule

​23rd of February: Intro to Life Extension and Drug Development

​24th of February: Pathways to Life Extension

​25th of February: Company Showcase & Pitch Competition


Dr. Nichola Conlon
CEO @ Nuchido
Bruno Balen
Co-founder @ Ani Biome
Nikolina Lauc
CEO @ GlycanAge
Dr. Kelsey Moody
CEO @ Ichor Life Sciences
Max Unfried
National University of Singapore
Caitlin Lewis
Director of Project Pipeline & Strategy @ Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation
Prof. Andrei Seluanov
University of Rochester
Prof. Vera Gorbunova
University of Rochester
Kia Winslow
Director of Analytics @ BioAge Labs
Mark Hamalainen
Co-founder @ Longevity Biotech Fellowship
Jennifer Fogaty
Chief Scientific Officer for the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) at Baylor College of Medicine
Justin Rebo, MD/MS
CEO @ KindBio
Rajiv Ahuja
Director @Miken Institute Future of Aging
Prof. Miguel Brieno-enriquez
University of Pittsburgh
Stephanie Dainow
Executive Director
Tristan Roberts
Director / Research Collective
Adam Gries
Doug Ethell
Eric Brimen
CEO @ Prospera
Anna Vakhrusheva, PhD
CTO @Unlimited Bio
Melinda Wang
Kaiser Permanente, MD in Psychiatry
Dmitry Kalupin
Co-Founder Unlock Biology
Scott Ginebaugh
CEO of Cosmica Biosciences
Maxim Kholin
Co-founder of Gero
Martin O’Dea
Vice- Chair of Board @ Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation
Petr Kondaurov
Sebastian Brunemeier
General Partner @ Healthspan Capital
Ivan Morgunov
CEO of Longaevus Technologies
James Sinka
Michael Antonov
CEO @ DeepOrigin
Dr. Maria Marinova
Core Team @ AthenaDAO
Doug Ethell
Founder & CEO of Leucadia Therapeutics
Robert Young
Director, Gerontology Research Group-Supercentenarian Research and Database Division
Michael Torres
Adam Gries
Co-founder & CEO @ Vitalism
Oki O’Connor
CEO of Scientific Affairs, Cyclarity Therapeutics
Dr. Luisa Georgiana Baca
National Institute on Aging

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