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3rd VitaDAO DeSci & Longevity Symposium

We're back for a 3rd Edition of our Symposium! Join us on the 5th of April for the latest updates on Longevity Science and DeSci. Join the symposium to learn more about the science behind slowing down ageing and the development of rejuvenation therapies

Symposium Schedule
Keeping up with NAD+ for longevity: opportunities and challenges
Prof. Vincenzo Sorrentino (National University of Singapore)
4am EDT —  10am CEST — 4pm (CST/GST+8)

Reproductive Aging - A Paradigm Shift

Prof. Zhongwei Huang (National University of Singapore)
4.30am EDT — 10.30am CEST — 4.30pm (CST/GST+8)

AI and Aging
Prof. Jackie Han (Peking University)
5.00am EDT - 11.00am CEST - 5.00pm (CST/GST+8)

DeSci & Genomics: Growing the world’s largest user owned genomic database
Aldo de Pape (GenomesDAO)
5.30am EDT- 11.30am CEST - 5.30pm (CST/GST+8)

Transposon expression as a marker of age-related transcriptional dysfunction
Kamil Pabis (National University of Singapore)
6.00am EDT- 12.00pm CEST - 6.00pm (CST/GST+8)

AthenaDAO: A save the ovaries movement!
Laura Minquini(AthenaDAO)
6.25am EDT - 12.25pm CEST - 6.25pm (CST/GST+8)

The DREAM complex functions as conserved master regulator of somatic DNA-repair capacities
Dr. Arturo Bujarrabal-Dueso (University of Cologne)
6.50am EDT - 12.50pm CEST - 6.50pm (CST/GST+8)

Essential Fatty Acids and Aging
Prof. Karsten-Henrich Weylandt (Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg Theodor Fontane)
7.20am EDT - 1.20pm CEST - 7.50pm (CST/GST+8)

Accelerating longevity research with reproducible research objects
Christopher Hill, PhD (DeSci Labs)
7.50am EDT - 1.50pm CEST - 7.50pm (CST/GST+8)

Bats hold the secret of extended healthspan
Prof. Emma Teeling (University College Dublin)
8.20am EDT - 2.20pm CEST - 8.20pm (CST/GST+8)

The case for radical life extension
Adam Gries (Authentic), Laurence Ion (VitaDAO)
8.50am EDT - 2.50pm CEST - 8.50pm (CST/GST+8)

Current perspectives for drug discovery on aging targets
Kelsey Moody (Ichor Life Sciences)
9.35am EDT - 3.35pm CEST - 9.35pm (CST/GST+8)

Rewriting the Rules of Publication with Replication
Manveer Basra (Scholar)
10.05am EDT - 4.05pm CEST - 10.05pm (CST/GST+8)

Aging and Lifespan Control
Prof. Vadim Gladyshev (Harvard Medical School)
10.35am EDT - 4.35pm CEST - 10.35pm (CST/GST+8)

Taking mouse life extension to the next level: combining rejuvenation intervention
Aubrey De Grey (Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation)
11.05am EDT - 5.05pm CEST - 11.05pm (CST/GST+8)