Symposium Schedule
Keeping up with NAD+ for longevity: opportunities and challenges
Prof. Vincenzo Sorrentino (National University of Singapore)
4am EDT —  10am CEST — 4pm (CST/GST+8)

Reproductive Aging - A Paradigm Shift

Prof. Zhongwei Huang (National University of Singapore)
4.30am EDT — 10.30am CEST — 4.30pm (CST/GST+8)

AI and Aging
Prof. Jackie Han (Peking University)
5.00am EDT - 11.00am CEST - 5.00pm (CST/GST+8)

DeSci & Genomics: Growing the world’s largest user owned genomic database
Aldo de Pape (GenomesDAO)
5.30am EDT- 11.30am CEST - 5.30pm (CST/GST+8)

Transposon expression as a marker of age-related transcriptional dysfunction
Kamil Pabis (National University of Singapore)
6.00am EDT- 12.00pm CEST - 6.00pm (CST/GST+8)

AthenaDAO: A save the ovaries movement!
Laura Minquini(AthenaDAO)
6.25am EDT - 12.25pm CEST - 6.25pm (CST/GST+8)

The DREAM complex functions as conserved master regulator of somatic DNA-repair capacities
Dr. Arturo Bujarrabal-Dueso (University of Cologne)
6.50am EDT - 12.50pm CEST - 6.50pm (CST/GST+8)

Essential Fatty Acids and Aging
Prof. Karsten-Henrich Weylandt (Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg Theodor Fontane)
7.20am EDT - 1.20pm CEST - 7.50pm (CST/GST+8)

Accelerating longevity research with reproducible research objects
Christopher Hill, PhD (DeSci Labs)
7.50am EDT - 1.50pm CEST - 7.50pm (CST/GST+8)

Bats hold the secret of extended healthspan
Prof. Emma Teeling (University College Dublin)
8.20am EDT - 2.20pm CEST - 8.20pm (CST/GST+8)

The case for radical life extension
Adam Gries (Authentic), Laurence Ion (VitaDAO)
8.50am EDT - 2.50pm CEST - 8.50pm (CST/GST+8)

Current perspectives for drug discovery on aging targets
Kelsey Moody (Ichor Life Sciences)
9.35am EDT - 3.35pm CEST - 9.35pm (CST/GST+8)

Rewriting the Rules of Publication with Replication
Manveer Basra (Scholar)
10.05am EDT - 4.05pm CEST - 10.05pm (CST/GST+8)

Aging and Lifespan Control
Prof. Vadim Gladyshev (Harvard Medical School)
10.35am EDT - 4.35pm CEST - 10.35pm (CST/GST+8)

Taking mouse life extension to the next level: combining rejuvenation intervention
Aubrey De Grey (Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation)
11.05am EDT - 5.05pm CEST - 11.05pm (CST/GST+8)

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