Age-related disease will affect every one of us

Why longevity science matters

By discovering interventions for the underlying causes of aging, we can hold off the onset of diseases like cancer, frailty and neurodegeneration – allowing people to live longer, healthier lives.

But longevity science is underfunded, and many important treatments that could improve our lives never make it out of the laboratory.

What we're doing about it

VitaDAO is a community for people who are proactively working towards a better quality of life as they age.

We  support the researchers who are working to develop therapies to solve age-related diseases in a way that may change the outcomes of aging for everyone in our lifetime.

Image courtesy of Rubedo Life
15 projects
55 fellowships
9.2M raised for science

... and we’re just getting started.

"I expect within the next 5–10 years we will have an understanding of interventions that could begin to extend human lifespan."

Morten Scheibye-Knudsen
Longevity scientist, VitaDAO funding grantee

A few of our partners at the cutting edge of longevity research

Our members decide which projects we support

As a VitaDAO member you can...

  • Vote on project funding decisions and organisational governance resolutions.
  • Join curated webinars, dinners, and longevity science events.
  • Learn about advances in longevity research from our community of researchers

How we put your membership fees to use

VitaDAO raises money from memberships and donations.

Researchers apply to VitaDAO for funding. Our network of scientists vet applications.

Our members vote to fund the most promising research projects.

The research is developed into a product or company, or sold to a pharma co.

The financial return is fed back into VitaDAO's treasury, where it is used to fund new research.

Frequently Asked Questions

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