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Introducing VITA-FAST: Govern and Engage In Viktor Korolchuk Lab's Research as a VitaDAO Member

June 12, 2023

Greetings, Vitalians!

Imagine having a direct hand in the future of longevity research. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce VitaDAO’s innovative approach to scientific research funding, giving you an exceptional chance to participate in the decision-making processes of longevity research. With our community fundraising effort for the “Discovering Novel Autophagy Activators” Intellectual Property Non-Fungible Token (IP-NFT) from the Korolchuk Lab at Newcastle University, you are invited to contribute to the democratization of one of the most cutting edge longevity research and development (R&D) projects funded by VitaDAO.

This fundraising effort will be a sale of VITA-FAST tokens, a.k.a. Molecules, representing governance rights over the pool of Intellectual Property (IP) and R&D generated by the esteemed Korolchuk Lab’s research centered on the discovery of novel autophagy activators–the research funded by VitaDAO’s Korolchuk IP-NFT. Autophagy is a cellular process whose decrease can contribute to our biological systems’ decline, particularly as we age. By stimulating autophagy, we’re exploring promising therapeutic approaches to combat aging and age-related diseases, with the goal of improving human healthspan.

By enabling community-led decision-making and governance, VitaDAO’s novel funding model redefines how research programs, including the Korolchuk Lab, are supported. Participating in this crowdsale means not just funding research, but driving scientific progress, shaping therapeutics’ future, and joining a devoted community of pioneers committed to extending human lifespan.

Your contribution to the VITA-FAST Molecules crowdsale provides you with more than just a chance to fund potential longevity therapeutics; it enables you to actively guide them. As a VITA-FAST tokenholder, your voice counts in making crucial decisions. You can influence how the program’s resources are allocated, ensuring they are put to the most effective use in our quest for groundbreaking research and discoveries. You’ll have the ability to dictate the priority of experiments, ensuring that we concentrate on the areas you believe hold the most promise. This unique capability lets you stay at the cutting edge of scientific exploration, directly impacting the path of life-extending advancements. You can decide who licenses the IP & R&D data and what the license terms are.

Your role as a VITA-FAST tokenholder is not passive. It’s about engagement and contribution, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We value and need your unique skills and perspectives, regardless of your background. Whether you bring scientific knowledge, business development expertise, or other abilities beneficial to early-stage drug development, we welcome your input. We believe in collective intelligence and decentralized science, and we’re eager to see how your involvement will generate value for patients.

The number of available tokens are limited. A total of 1,000,000 VITA-FAST tokens will be minted, with 10% available for sale to VitaDAO members, and the rest divided among VitaDAO, researchers, Newcastle University, and a liquidity pool.

Our innovative Genesis Sale Structure further democratizes the process. This fixed-price sale allows VitaDAO members to bid as much as they’re willing to contribute to the auction, with the final allocation of tokens proportional to each participant’s contribution. VitaDAO members must lock their VITA for two months to participate in the sale. If we meet or exceed our sales target (~32,000 USD), the surplus will be returned to bidders. Importantly, the VITA-FAST tokens will be vested (non-transferrable) over a 60 days to ensure equitable participation in governance during vesting. The vested VITA-FAST tokens and the locked VITA will vest and unlock at the same time, 60 days after the Genesis Sale. For a more detailed explanation, read VDP-100 on Snapshot.

The funds raised from the sale will be directed towards providing liquidity for the VITA-FAST liquidity pool until token holders govern where the resources should be allocated. This could include contracting computational biochemists, engagement of experienced medicinal chemists, or filing patents.

We, therefore, invite you to join us on this revolutionary journey. Engage in this unique opportunity to support the Korolchuk Lab and the wider field of longevity research. Make your mark in a cause aiming to enhance human health and longevity. Every contribution, every Molecule purchased, every decision made, brings us a step closer to deciphering the mysteries of longevity.

While we aim to democratize research funding, we acknowledge that all biomedical research is unpredictable, laden with twists, turns, and complexities. Therefore, we ask those considering purchasing VITA-FAST tokens to do so with a comprehensive understanding of these inherent uncertainties.

First and foremost, please recognize that purchasing VITA-FAST tokens should not be regarded as an investment but as a contribution towards advancing scientific research. The focus is on the technology of tokenization, the utility of tokens within the IP pool, and the mission of scientific research.

It’s important to stress that VITA-FAST tokens are IP governance tokens that provide membership in an IP pool where members actively decide what happens with the IP and R&D data attached to the Korolchuk IP-NFT. They do not automatically confer any economic benefits or returns. This is not an investment contract where you’re buying a share of future profits.It is important to understand that there may never be a distribution of proceeds.

In fact, it is crucial to bear in mind the expectation of loss. The landscape of biotech research is fraught with challenges and the vast majority of research projects do not yield patentable IP. It’s very likely that the research may not lead to patentable IP, that buyers will not receive any money back, and that the tokens might not acquire any financial value.

As a VITA-FAST tokenholder, you have the responsibility to actively participate and put in work to generate value for yourself. Participation involves more than just owning VITA-FAST tokens. It means actively governing the direction of research and decision-making processes, and ensuring the responsible usage of the IP and R&D data.

Owning VITA-FAST tokens may require you to sign NDAs and provide KYC in order to access sensitive IP or R&D data. This is for the protection of the data and the rights of all parties involved. The rules for data access and privacy are to be governed into place by VITA-FAST tokenholders.

Finally, to our US community members, please note that due to unclear regulations, we unfortunately cannot include US buyers in this endeavor. This is an evolving area of law and while we are exploring ways to include the US, we are erring on the side of caution to ensure compliance with existing regulations.

The potential and the mission of this project are vast and exciting. However, it is crucial to approach this opportunity with a thorough understanding of the intricacies and potential risks involved. We encourage all potential participants to conduct their own due diligence and make informed decisions.

With these understandings and acknowledgments, we warmly invite you to participate, contribute, and make a difference today in the world of longevity research. Every step we take together brings us closer to deciphering the mysteries of longevity.

For more information, visit and talk to us in our Discord auction channel.

Discover the power of autophagy, a natural cell rejuvenation process, through the enlightening YouTube video, Autophagy as a Target for Rejuvenation | VitaDAO and Viktor Korolchuk Lab.

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