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$VITA goes Gnosis Chain

February 12, 2022
Tyler Green

Part 1: Get started on Gnosis Chain

  1. Get a wallet that is compatible with Gnosis Chain, such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Status, a hardware wallet (via MetaMask or WalletConnect) or a Gnosis Safe.
  2. Add Gnosis Chain to your wallet. If you are using MetaMask, just navigate to Chainlist, connect your wallet, scroll down to Gnosis Chain (ID: 100) and click on “Add to MetaMask”.
  3. Add the addresses of tokens that you want to transact with to your wallet (that is VITA). If you are using MetaMask, simply open the corresponding page on Blockscout, find the line where it says “Contract” and click on the MetaMask icon on the right-hand side. Here is the link for VITA. XDAI is added by default.

Part 2a: Get VITA on Gnosis Chain with Fiat

  1. Use Ramp Network to buy XDAI by following this guide and pay in EUR, USD or GBP via credit card or bank transfer.
  2. Exchange XDAI for VITA by swapping the desired amount on Honeyswap.

Part 2b: Get VITA on Gnosis Chain with Mainnet Tokens

  1. Swap your tokens for DAI on Cowswap. This only applies if you are using Ethereum Mainnet assets other than DAI, such as ETH.
  2. Convert Mainnet DAI to Gnosis Chain XDAI by using xDai Bridge following this guide.
  3. Exchange XDAI for VITA by swapping the desired amount on Honeyswap.

Note: only get VITA for the purpose of using it in VitaDAO.

Part 2c: Bridge Mainnet VITA to Gnosis Chain

  1. Convert Mainnet VITA to Gnosis Chain VITA by using OmniBridge following this guide.

Note on XDAI for gas: Each of the options in Part 2 should provide you with at least some XDAI tokens which are being used to pay for transaction fees (gas) on Gnosis Chain. Just 0.01 XDAI (equivalent to 0.01 USD) will get you a long way. While it is obvious in Part 2a and 2b, Part 2c should provide you with 0.01 XDAI sponsored by OmniBridge. If you, for any reason, do not have XDAI in your wallet and struggle to obtain some, try using a faucet, ask a friend or each out on Discord in the #token-talk channel and post your Gnosis Chain public key/wallet address — someone will be there to help you out.

Part 3: Use your VITA on Gnosis Chain

Governance: We are working on allowing VITA tokens on Gnosis Chain to be used for voting on Snapshot. Stay tuned for news on our Discord.

Providing liquidity: If you would like to use your VITA tokens to provide liquidity, see this guide for an explainer on liquidity pools on Honeyswap.

DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended only for people who want to get VITA for use in VitaDAO.


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