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$VITA Goes Optimism

September 26, 2023

Creating an Optimism wallet

Because Optimism seamlessly integrates with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), incorporating an Optimism account into your current Ethereum wallet(s) is a straightforward process. To enable Optimism, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Visit the Chainlist platform through your web browser.
  • Establish a secure connection between your MetaMask wallet and Chainlist by logging in and granting the necessary permissions.
  • Once the connection is established, navigate to the platform's interface and locate the "Optimism" (ID:10) option.
  • Click on the "Optimism" option to initiate the integration process.
  • After successful integration, return to your MetaMask wallet.
  • In the MetaMask interface, you'll notice a new feature that allows you to toggle between the Ethereum and Optimism networks. Locate and click on the "Networks" button within MetaMask.
  • Use this "Networks" button to easily switch between the Ethereum and Optimism networks based on your specific requirements and preferences.

How to Fund your Optimism Wallet

To fund your Optimism wallet, follow these simple steps using The Optimism Gateway:

Deposit Funds:

  1. Access The Optimism Gateway.
  2. Select the amount of ETH or supported tokens.
  3. Confirm your deposit and wallet transaction.

How It Works:

  • Your funds get locked on Ethereum.
  • Tokens representing your deposit appear in your Optimism wallet.
  • When you withdraw, Optimism tokens are removed, and Ethereum tokens become accessible. Remember, it takes seven days for withdrawn funds to become usable again.

How to Get VITA on Optimism

  1. Swap your tokens for VITA  on 1inch.

Note: only get VITA for the purpose of using it in VitaDAO.

Bridge Mainnet VITA to Optimism

  • Select the amount of VITA you want to bridge to Optimism
  • Approve & Review the deposit

Use your VITA on Optimism

Governance: VITA tokens on Optimism to be used for voting on Snapshot. Learn how to vote on VitaDAO Governance proposals using this guide.

Providing liquidity: If you would like to use your VITA tokens to provide liquidity, you can use Velodrome.

DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended only for people who want to get VITA for use in VitaDAO.


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