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VitaDAO x PrimeDAO partnership

March 25, 2022

PrimeDAO is building tools that turn DeFi into a cooperative ecosystem. DAO2DAO products and services, such as DAO launchpads, deals, ratings, pools and much more. 

We want to work closely with Prime as a power user, to give input on which tools would be most useful to DAOs such as VitaDAO.  VitaDAO and PrimeDAO share a common purpose to push the abilities of DAOs to fund and advance human potential. 

VitaDAO and PrimeDAO exchanged $50k worth of VITA and $50k worth of D2D by 30-day average as of the end of the vote in both DAOs. 


The partnership aims to align the interest of the parties to intensify the collaboration between the organisations.

PrimeDAO provides DAO tools which we want to further explore with VitaDAO, and provide input on which tools would be most useful for us and our ecosystem.

This also creates mutual awareness in both DAOs through the introduction of this proposal, as well as governance alignment of VitaDAO being able to govern PrimeDAO through its governance votes, and vice versa. 

Learn more about PrimeDAO on and make sure to follow them @PrimeDAO_ 

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