Welcome to VitaDAO

A community owned collective funding early stage longevity research.

To participate in DAO governance, you must hold the governance token, VITA. The following steps will guide you through setting up an Ethereum wallet and buying some VITA. Once you have the token, you can vote on governance proposals in the DAO.

1. Download an Ethereum wallet
2. Purchase VITA
3. Vote on DAO proposals

Learn more about VitaDAO

Our core mission is the acceleration of research and development in the longevity space and the extension of human life- and healthspan. Find out more about VitaDAO's objectives and DAO structure on our website, or read about our achievements in the Community and Treasury Report below.

Visit the VitaDAO WebsiteCommunity Report 2021

Buy VITA tokens

Use the link below to safely purchase VITA from 1inch.

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Governance and Member Relations Contact
Todd White
Operations Steward @ VitaDAO

Research Portfolio Contact
Tim Peterson, Ph.D.
Longevity and Dealflow Steward @ VitaDAO