5. The Call to Action: Shaping the Future of Longevity

5.1 Concluding summary: “why”

The pursuit of longevity is an increasingly important goal in medicine, as our global population ages and the burden of age-related diseases grows. By extending healthspan and increasing the number of healthy years lived, we can improve quality of life, reduce healthcare costs, and increase productivity in society.

To accelerate the integration of longevity in medicine, we need to create a regulatory environment that is supportive of research and development in this field. This can include incentives such as tax breaks and streamlined regulatory processes, as well as the creation of special economic zones focused on the development of healthspan therapeutics.

In shaping the future of longevity, it is important to ensure that proper oversight and regulation is in place to protect patient safety and ensure the efficacy of these treatments. We must also prioritize investment in research and development, particularly in the early stages of drug discovery, to identify and target the underlying mechanisms of aging.

Ultimately, the future of longevity depends on collaboration between researchers, clinicians, policymakers, and the public. By working together to advance our understanding of aging and the development of healthspan therapeutics, we can improve the lives of individuals around the world and create a brighter future for all.

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