I. Preamble/Introduction

Let’s flip the switch on what you think you know about aging. We’ll dive into the world of longevity research and discover the unlocked potential to revolutionize healthcare, improve human quality of life and address the challenges faced by an aging population.

A brief introduction to VitaDAO and our initiatives is in order. You’ll find a glimpse of our vision of reshaping the landscape of longevity research, pushing boundaries, and daring to dream the undreamt. In our community you’ll find examples of how the torchbearers of science are no longer just found in labs and universities, but among us, in our communities, armed with curiosity and the will to make a difference.

One remarkable innovation we’re exploring and look forward to harnessing is Special Economic Zones. We'll discuss how these Zones could be catalysts that accelerate breakthroughs in longevity science. We’ve explored how this can be best implemented in an experimental first of its kind pop-up city Zuzalu, bringing together innovators from longevity, crypto and AI. 

In this briefing, we'll delve into the fundamental questions that guide progress in the longevity domain. Stay tuned as we cover:

  • De-mystifying longevity research
  • VitaDAO’s role in advancing research
  • The impact of Special Economic Zones in accelerating breakthroughs
  • The call to action: how do we get there?
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